5 Smart strategies to work under pressure and succeed

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“Happiness is an attitude. We either make ourselves miserable, or happy and strong. The amount of work is the same” Carlos Castaneda.

Oftentimes stress in a moderate level is a normal factor in many workplaces, however when there is excessive stress in that place where you spend a significant part of your day, both your productivity

and performance at work can be negative affected; this naturally has an immediate impact in your physical as well as your emotional health. In accordance with a survey presented by the American Psychological Association, more than one third of American workers have experienced chronic levels of stress at their workplace, therefore American businesses have to spend billions of dollars a year in lost work hours and medical bills.

5 Smart strategies to work under pressure and succeedMoreover, when people face high stress levels at their workplace, their life’s quality is seriously compromised not only at the office, but in any scenarios they are part of. It is true that you cannot control everything in your work environment, however this does not make you powerless or a potential victim of stress. So, how to be able to deal with pressure at your workplace and regain your sanity and take back your life? The following are some smart strategies I have compiled for you to successfully manage work pressure and stress.

Keep Calm No Matter the Circumstances

Remaining calm no matter what is happening is a highly sought- after skill you can cultivate. Of course, it takes practice to manage this ability but when you finally achieve it, you automatically demonstrate that you can take things in stride and thus, achieve all of those tasks you have been assigned for, even under difficult circumstances.

Plan Based On What Needs to be Accomplished

One of the most common factors that makes people feel overwhelmed regarding work is that they do not prioritize their tasks. In order to accomplish what needs to be done at your workplace, you should manage your time at the office by creating a balance schedule that allows you to live a work and family life, where social activities make stressful days fade away, and when in the office your mind firmly focuses on completing your regular responsibilities.

Ask for Help When You Need It

Understanding that you are invincible is actually a really smart strategy to work under pressure and succeed, because once you eliminate the invincibility myth from your head you start noticing that if there is something you are doing wrong, you can ask for help and thus any of your coworker can help you assessing the situation, taking care of the issue immediately. This also turns into an excellent demonstration that you can think clearly in solutions even working under pressure.

Set Your Body Free from Stress

In this modern age we are living, our bodies are more engaged to stress than never before. Consequences go from physical health problems to emotional issues including suppression in our immune systems, acceleration in aging processes, depression or chronic fatigue. You are not being that smart if you only consider that you have to apply strategies while working at your office. In fact, the foundation of a stress free life lies in what we eat, how often we move, as well as in how much we sleep, so you will have to pay attention to these factors so you can address them, and eradicate stress on a physical level.

Join in with Your Personal Purposes

Although sometimes it is hard to remember we are more than the work we do every day, it would be great if we don’t lose sight of our purposes. Therefore, it will be key to connect with our whole selves through activities that boost our sense of purpose in both our office and outside of it. Some of the stress relieving strategies you can think of include schedule quality social time, where you do not need to check on your smartphone but instead you can reengage with your love ones. Get creative and cook a completely different dinner, handwrite a card to a friend or to your significant other. Cultivate spirituality (regardless of what this means to you), this way you can forget about work and chronic stress and thus, we connect with our spiritual roots. This gives us a completely new perspective on what is stressing us out and we can relieve pressure.

Studies have shown that stress is not always as bad as we think, a little bit of stress contributes to make us stay focused and also to face new challenges in the workplace. I consider this is a good way to see stress as we can’t escape from it at our workplace. On the other hand, when stress in your job directly interferes in your ability to work, care for yourself or even make it hard for you to manage your personal life, then it is time to take action.

I believe that regardless of the circumstances, there are ways to neutralize stress in every single area of our lives, I focused this post on the workplace environment but when we fuel our lives with significant actions, thoughts and beliefs, we are protecting ourselves from the damaging stress effects and then it is easier to effectively deal with pressure and improve our job satisfaction. Life is absolutely worth living, and even though there will always be situations that will make us lose control, especially at work, with a bit of preparation and planning we will be more than ready to reduce our overall stress levels, each of us deserve a happy life so let’s start to make it happen.

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