About to hire your first employees? don’t panic read this

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After years of hard work, money and time investments as well as a lot of effort and dedication here you are; your business has notoriously grown and your role as a solo entrepreneur is evolving to the point that you need to hire extra help, or what they call employees. Making the decision to keep consolidating your business goals is a big deal, therefore the process of selecting people that contribute to expand your company should not be taken lightly. You will be requiring the help of individuals from different backgrounds, religions or communities who will come together on that important platform you have created to work towards predefined purposes.

About to hire your first employees? don't panic read thisEven though this next step you are about to make can be considered as an overwhelming one, as long as you set your company’s principles and policies so you can provide your business with a great culture organization, as well as do previous research about your potential new employees in order to prevent costly mistakes and wasted time, there is nothing you need to panic about. I have compiled a list of some guidelines you might want to keep in mind when hiring your first employees, hopefully you find them interesting and so they can help you out.

Be Sure About Your Finances

Since hiring new employees does not merely involve paying them a salary, you will want to check your financial situation before considering the idea of hiring your first work team. Based on your state, you might be required to cover your employees’ taxes such as social security, Medicare tax, federal unemployment tax and possibly, state unemployment tax. Moreover, keep in mind that hiring new employees also means you are responsible for their compensation package which include benefits, and vacation (personal) time.

Be aware of Legal Requirements

The next step will be understanding those obligations that you as an employer will have to face. Among the implications that you need to know in order to hire your new working team, I would mention: employment laws, contracts, tax obligations, minimum and wage requirements and overtime stipulations. The best piece of advice I can offer you regarding this guideline would be, consult an expert on these matters so you make sure you understand the causes and effects regarding the legal part in the hiring your first employees process.

Choosing Qualified Applicants

Ok, you have made the decision to put all of your effort and concentration on finding the best people to expand your business. This may be a challenging experience since the marketplace gets filled with job- seekers every single day, and many of them will apply for positions they know nothing about because they do not read the role or requirements for the job position. As a result, you might find yourself in front of a long list of unqualified applicants; to avoid this I would suggest to develop a method for screening candidates. Another great hint is looking for candidates with startup experiences, and with good stated skills. They surely will be able to work for a small company autonomously, just what a company culture of a growing business needs. When I mention this, I am not saying that candidates who come from large firms are not able to do, however they are used to structures, hierarchy and processes in stablished businesses, and so they might find it a challenging adjustment.

Just as the organizational culture, employees go a long way in creating and improving the brand image of the company and thus making it distinct from other competitors. It is worth to mention that employees are the assets of any organization, they contribute excellently towards the successful functioning of a company. Although you may feel strange in the hiring your first employees process, at this point you need to face you are the boss and therefore you should assume the role at your best; creating a good channel of communication with your new team will definitely determine if your time together will be fruitful or awful.

Strive always to a strong organization that helps your business grow, the best way to achieve so is by hiring employees who accept challenges and whose roles and responsibilities lead them to try hard to perform their job, in such level that they create a sort of healthy competition with their fellow workers. You will need to count on serious employees about their work and abide by the policies, the idea is to do whatever it takes to create a positive culture at the workplace and this only starts with a well- selected work team. And last but not least, avoid employees who you perceive can create constant disagreements or disputes, this just will lead to a negative ambience at the company and therefore it will be difficult to achieve a pleasant workplace.

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