Achieve a fulfilling life with these 4 basic rules

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Life is a constantly changing, adjusting dynamic process where we all need to know that we are not born equal thus, in terms of inborn intelligence or social background we will always be different one from another. At some point of their lives, people come across a sort of list that is almost always filled with items that are actually things; the type of house they desired, the car they have always dreamed of, clothes and so on; and once they have these trappings of a “successful” life, then they will believe they have accomplished a fulfilled life.

After facing this kind of empty feeling, people realize that the joy of getting what they materially want, quickly dissipates and then confusion or restlessness show up. From my perspective, material things are nice, they can be pleasant to possess especially if they are part of a passion or lifestyle you enjoy. However, things or money and prestige won’t provide you with that thing every single one of us desires: fulfilment.

I rather prefer to believe that a full-feeling and fulfilling life consists in capturing and securing our sense of mental as well as physical comfort, as simple as that; and after you have control over these two important aspects, you will realize that you are experimenting a satisfying and meaningful journey in this beautiful trip called life. In order to show you that it is essential to live our lives at every step along the way and not just at the end of it, I would like to share some basic rules you might want to follow to achieve a full- feeling and fulfilling life.

Keep a positive mindset

You might frequently hear it these days, but positive thinking is not just a new age psychobabble as some people may think. When you consciously shift your thoughts away from any negative aspect you could be surrounded by, and start worrying to more positive and grateful thoughts you can actually neutralize the neural pathways in your brain. Therefore, you begin to truly feel and believe; this can also translate into stress decrease, relationships improvements and thus your life span also increases. Remember, it is all about choosing, if you opt for positive thoughts then you become a creator rather than the reactor of your own life.

Keep yourself guided by your values, rather than by your necessities

Whether you are seduced by a lucrative proposal or a tempting offer that promises to make you highlight in a certain social status, there is nothing better than deciding to stick with your values. Clarity of purpose will be essential to remain steady on the right path, achieve all of the desired goals and finally accomplish successful; only transformational leaders are grounded in that clarity, I encourage you to stay guided by it, and awake that leader that is in you.

Embrace failure

Once I read “make mistakes you are a human, not a robot”, this quote accurately fits in this basic rule since even though mistakes are painful when they happen, after some years they are just part of a collection called experiences and believe me, experiences immensely contribute to your fulfillment. If you fail that means that at least you are trying, you take action and assume risks; this should remind you that you have the courage to try one more time, as many times as it takes! One of the best ways to achieve a fulfilling life is to always seek to learn and no matter if you find failure along the way, through trial and error you learn valuable things that you can use in the future, so do not hide from your failures and instead embrace them.

Have loving relationships

Supportive or loving relationships that you can count on will be key on achieving a fulfilled life. A study made by the Harvard Grant Study supports that relationships with your spouse, friends, family and even work are closely related to a fulfilling life. And if you are thinking of ways to accomplish loving relationships, the best piece of advice I can share with you is focusing on gratitude; grateful thoughts foster happiness, happiness is contagious and therefore you show you are happy with that person you stablished a relationship. In brief, you experiment the savoring of positive life experiences and you enjoy of strengthened relationships.

A life that is meant to be fulfilled with the best version of us every day, requires mindfully and carefully creating our hours and days to reflect about our true selves, it won’t be an easy task for some people but it is worth to try; this is my take and I will love to know how is yours? Feel free and welcome to add your feedback in the comments box, let’s brainstorming to see if we can contribute to create a better world for all.

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