Achieving professional goals. What to do to take your company to success in 2017

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Achieving professional goals. What to do to take your company to success in 2017Getting what you want soul is craving can be perfectly possible on 2017. However before starting again, we must ask ourselves is what we are doing is actually making us happy on 2017. Life has a funny way of showing us opportunities, however it all depends on how receptive and sensitive are we towards this kind of signs. Therefore let’s ask ourselves: have we been thinking about traveling to a place we’ve never been before? Are we considering switching jobs? Do we really want to embrace the whole style of getting healthier? Or even more, are we craving for starting our own business? Big dreams aside, have you put any actions in place to realize them? Putting things in motion is the only way to get somewhere. Otherwise, ask yourself if you do really want this thing that you’ve been talking about all this time.


I truly believe, that being a girl allows you to be a little bit more specific of what we truly want, we as women are definitely more active in paying attention to small details, and 2017 is no exception. Therefore, whatever is what we want to achieve this year my number one recommendation is: Reboot. In order to start fresh on any life project we must forget what did not work and another important fact which is what might, not go well. It is completely ok to have our “what if” moments, decisions we question or regrets. However, present can always modify the future, so re-direct yourself by actively change the future, instead of focusing on past events.

Beyond average:

Start from the inside, by connecting and visualizing what you really expect of this 2017. The world is becoming so connected and entwined nowadays, every action and word can impact the environment and the lives of others, so invest on those around you, give back to the community a bit of what you feel inspired by.

Being resilient, independent and driven are admirable traits, but you don’t have to do everything yourself. People who ask others for help not only achieve things more efficiently and curb the likelihood of burning out, they also build strong networks of likeminded individuals that push them to grow and experience new things.

Get some air:

Fuel your body of stamina by moving your body. Success bloggers say that working out regularly during 30 minutes a day, clears your head and makes you feel more motivated, however, my personal advice is, go outside and do something you like, whether is walking, running, indoor climbing, or dancing, the key is to commit yourself to get some air and detach from work. For the past years I have discover that having a working out routine is not that exciting, in fact is a boring habit, I prefer to listen to my body and become my own coach. Therefore ask each morning how would your body would like to be spoil with stamina.

Compromise yourself with nourishment:

This is an important matter when it comes to build the dream you are craving. Remember that you are human and your body needs proper nourishment to keep you energized and in the positive wave. In my current job I must spent long hours sitting in front of my beloved computer, and I really have fun. But sometimes a become dependent of tv series that are on the internet, so it’s easy to play them and watch them while I eat, however is way too much of technology. So I have recently realize that in order to escape the habit I must do a conscious effort in order to create a relaxing environment when it comes to meal times.  So basically I’ve decide I would treat myself as I would treat someone I have feelings for. This means a beautiful table setting, colorful plates, and a relaxing melody.

Organize daily:

Let yourself influence by the mystique of the Chinese year and get some of that minimalist vibe. When it comes to teach yourself a new habit, first steps are the most difficult one, however, it is in the practice where your brain actually starts to get it in. Therefore, start by applying a system in place for filing your important communication projects. Step two, contemplates embrace maintaining a comprehensive agenda which will increase your sense of serenity and assertiveness. You’ll be surprised by how much more manageable your daily workload will feel.

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