Body language tricks you need to know to become an immediately likeable person

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Listening skills, abilities to develop a well- structured conversation, attitude to take stands, being cheerful and a confident body language are some of the elements to build a personality that will definitely open many doors. Human beings are socializers by nature, thus through our body we are constantly sending signals all day; and we do not even pay attention to them. Gestures like moving your eyes, using your hands in a conversation or the way you shake a hand are some of the many conscious and subconscious signals your body uses and that people notice in you, thus you become a likeable or dislikeable person.

Kinesics is the scientific term which is used to refer body language, this key element in any conversation represents the 55 percent of the communication act. Kinesics is the scientific term which is used to refer body language, this key element in any conversation represents the 55 percent of the communication act. When you develop a proper ability to connect with different kind of people, you can be a very likeable person not only among your peers in technical situations, but also in other social moments that for many people can be awkward or make them feel out of place. Become a person who can universally fit in any place or any circumstances with the following body language tricks I have selected.

Tip #1: convey care and avoid nervousness

Due to common social anxiety anyone can experience sometimes; nervous energy can attack you in moments where you are in front of someone who likes you or not: thus your body language can widely be influenced by this situation. When it comes the moment to deal with such situation, focus on putting your attention on other person in the room, listen to others’ nuances, or tonalities and try to find relaxation that contributes to a stable body language behavior.

Tip# 2: start from within yourself

Feeling secure from inside will absolutely play in your favor, you will project confidence at least in most of the times. To achieve this tip like a true body language pro, you need to start by removing those things that can make you feel uncomfortable; physical aspects that you can slightly improve (like staying in shape) or wrong clothing choices, you can consider the idea of taking a friend with you next you need to shop for clothing, and ask him/her for your clothing options. Last thing you will need to accomplish regarding this tip will be training yourself to help you feel secure, and self- help (audio) books can be a good idea to consider.

Tip #3: treat everyone like you know them for long time ago

Intuition is the mother of any human relationship; it is not a coincidence that people can feel if you are a hostile or a friendly person when you just approach to them. In order to perform an effective body language “hack”, you might nod slightly as people talk; this will make them feel your good intentions and thus they will think you agree or respect their opinions. Then strive to take a moment before giving any feedback, this will indicate you have put thought into your answer therefore, they will feel dignified.

Tip #4: Make people feel special

Who does not like to be treated or feel special? We all have our stories, and whether some people do not like to admit it, we all like to when someone take an interest in our unique life. So, in order to make others special you should start from being curious about their life, seek the gems of their life; find out what they love most. Whenever you meet someone for the first time, listen to their hardship tale and add a comment like “that sounds like it was hard”, or when people tell a tale about their triumphs put your and up and high- five; this will simply make them feel far more connected to you.

Tip #5: Strive for a proper posture

Standing up straight without forgetting to feel relaxed is crucial if you want to achieve a great body language. Stand up in such way that you make yourself as possible, try to imagine you are being pulled up by the top of your head. Strive to keep that feeling, but do not forget about relaxing your shoulders. Remember, the idea is to be relaxed and accomplish a posture level which does not make you look up or down to look an average person in the eyes.

Body language is a very important nonverbal communication element; and considering how important is to networking with others, if you want to make a good impression whether for social or business purposes, then you do need to be aware of your body language level; the most difficult part of this is that we give thousands of unconscious signals through this nonverbal communication skill. Your next task will be then adjusting the way you stand, move and interact; remember, a good attitude and a stiff posture will be two of the most important aspects you will have to check, in order to own a confident body language that is able to grab others’ attention, and by “grabbing attention” I mean to grab attention in a positive sense, and not by the awkward way.

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