Building self-confidence right now. Tips on emotional growth

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When it comes to self-confidence there are –believe or not- a few things you can start doing right now, things that would definitely boost your moral in matter of seconds. Let’s begin with the basics, nowadays we live in a society that basically eats through the sight, and social media is no exception. So, whether is for professional purposes, personal goals or even long-term relationships, self-confidence is something that everyone can and should develop willingly & enthusiastically. Therefore, I have thought on some small but significant changes you can run-through from wherever you are:


If you actually want to add a significant change to the way you perceive yourself try to stand up straight in front of a mirror. Take your time to appreciate the way you look when actually stand up correctly. Your back should be completely spread and shoulders should look aligned up to your hands touch lateral sides of your legs. Remember that when it comes about posture, we must remind ourselves to do it consciously, so each time you remember it, do it, until you do it naturally. Take into account that people who stand tall and confident tend to look more attractive and appealing to the eye.


take your time to start up again and design your own train of thought towards an optimistic gamma of thoughts about yourself. Play in your mind good things about yourself, things you can do well, the things you like and behaviors you are proud of. Invite you best critic, and recognize your limitations, or those feelings/ values you are not that proud. Allow yourself to dig deep within yourself, in order to come out with a precise knowledge of what are truly foundations on self-confidence building.

Therefore define principles you might want to have in your life. Take your time to think about your main beliefs and decide whether you actually live these principles, or if you just believe in them but don’t act on them.

Make visual contact:

Building self-confidence right now. Tips on emotional growthVisual contact can send a clear and solid idea of what you want to project. When it comes to self-confidence and how others perceive you can considerably grow if you develop the ability to make high-level eye contact. Studies have shown that people who make higher-levels of eye contact with others are observed as people with authority, people who are trustworthy and people who care. A focused attention can change and dramatically improve your interactions at work, social meetings and family reunions. The secret for those who apply eye-contact on their daily basis is that, this direct attention make you seem more appealing in every way to those you interact with. Furthermore, visual contact imparts a sense of intimacy to your exchanges, and leaves the receiver of your gaze feeling more positive about your communication.

Speak slowly:

This is another important fact to master your self-confidence, speaking slowly conceive the ability of expressing your ideas in an openly way. Even if you do not feel the confidence of someone who speaks slowly, applying it can held nervousness by slowing down. Take into account that when we slow down, we are more likely to have a positive impact on our adrenaline level, which will have a positive effect on our nerves.


Contribute to the world by smiling, combine with eye-contact and a good posture. This positive human action, can increase you self-confidence toward others, it is a thing that can have a chain reaction. Remember that if you be kind and generous, people will be more likely to join you in social reunions and it would have a positive impact on what you think of yourself. So encourage yourself to spread some joy around you. The world needs it!

Last but never least get out of your comfort zone: When you try something new you force yourself to get out of your moral and even physical standards, so challenge yourself in a small or bigger way and go outside to boost your personal goals. Believe or not trying a new sport, trip or even go to the movies on your own can add significant positive points to your self-appreciation and it can help you come alive as you get out of a rut. Furthermore I encourage you to put it into action some extra of positivism. By acting on it, you change yourself, one action at a time. You are what you do, and so if you change what you do, you change what you are. Subsequently try by talking to people in a positive way and see your energy in action.


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