Business building, how to do what you love

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Just like climbing a boulder -in indoor climbing- the more your try something that you love, the more you attempt to improve your flexibility, grip and inner strength. When it comes about defining what you love there is no inside job, you just know, right? Is about what makes your heart beat fast, is about something where you -literally- feel time disappears.

Business building, how to do what you loveHowever, if you haven’t find it and you are willing to start a personal business on this 2017, it is time for you to define it and make a plan. On this occasion I have come with a couple of arguments that might help you start and join the adventure of the unknown. Let’s check!

Soul searching:

When it comes about creating the sketch of what your business might be, start small. Grabbing a piece of paper and write about the things you enjoy doing is a very good beginning. Spend time thinking deeply about things that bring you enjoyment, business consultant, Deirdre Maloney told Business News Daily. “The plan must be written down, even if it’s broken out into tiny,  baby steps”, therefore write and get a clearer idea of what you love.

Make time:

Preston added that in order for that process to actually happen, you have to block off time, just like you block off time for your work. Block off time for meditation, block off time for going on walks in nature, or spending time with your significant other. Block off time to go to seminars or events. Block off time to do things that aren’t just related to your business passions — things that challenge you on a personal level.

Active on a daily basis:

Start small, focus on baby steps rather thoughts like “I’ll never get there”. Take for example the advices from Jason Fitzgerald, which became a full-time running coach. He shares that not only he did not give up on the written schedule, it didn’t matter if it was holydays, he promised himself to be consistent about it. He says: “You can’t build a business if you’re not constantly in it. If you’re not thinking about it every day, you probably don’t have the chops to get it done”.

Seek but never settle:

Aim but do not assume doing a job you love is going to be a utopia. On the contrary, in order to make it happen, most successful entrepreneurs advice that, personal business begins with twice of effort, and in most of the cases as hard as you ever have before. Take into account that you will need to, but you also it won’t mind because you really believe in what you are doing.

When it comes about growing professionally, diving yourself into the journey of creating a business on your own can be definitely scary, therefore surround yourself of those who know. Take classes, backup yourself with knowledge that is related with what you crave to accomplish. Mentors are a great option, invest time on identifying the people in the field. Take into account that those who are beyond your dream job are your very first inspiration and if you are making a career change and conducting research is vital.

Go beyond:

Define your target. Are you willing to help people, are your improve a product service, do you want to be in or outside. Ask yourself about the market you want to satisfy. Go beyond and write down in paper what is the environment you want to live in – this is highly important- in the future. Visualize the type of people you want surrounding you.

Do you want a creative team? Do you want people with initiative? Reliable people? Then my friend I must tell you, you must start with yourself. Reflect what you desire, it might be a hard task but you won’t regret it. Don’t wait around!

Time it:

In order to build your dream while working on your current job you must take this factor into account. Work will always try to steal the attention away from what you are building, and the work on the self is ultimately the best use of our time. Nevertheless, Preston Smiles, action coach – as I like to call him- says that in order to make “it” happen, you need to block off time, just as we block off time for our work. Imagine that this important baby dream must require the same attention as workouts, healthy food, meditation, or whatever you are into.

To sum up, I personally encourage you -and myself- to go and allow time to go to seminars or events. We should invest in the life we have imagine, by investing on ourselves in coursework or professional trainings. Challenge ourselves are the first step toward the beginning of something beautiful on a personal level.

Make it happen!




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