Business management…logic vs. intuition

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Carolyn Byard said: “is a healthy dose of both”. When it comes about intuition in business of professional work decisions, there nothing more accurate than what your inner coach tells you. Call it heart, gut, God, the truth is that there is something magical about intuition. This thing we often mention when we are telling a story about something like “I feel”, is the practical manifestation of what intuition is. Events are interconnected to a positive web that affects and has an impact in what we do on our daily basis. Subsequently, it is accurate to say that there are no coincidences, just like Preston Smiles –action coach- is when opportunity meets preparation.

The importance of Logic

The desire of being more can frequently lead us to more challenges, which brings us to a personal growth that in most of the cases are -and will be- linked to our purpose on this beautiful planet. However, even though life is all about decisions, in business, big figures often rely on the “based-evidence” that numbers and regular procedures follow. But what they do not realize is that in this new area where even working conditions have had changed, logic and old-fashioned methods might need something spicy.

So, yes the right choice can catapult us to great success, on the other hand, the contrasting side is regularly based on decisions that are made by instinct. What I am trying to say is that both elements are necessary in order to keep a flowing but successful business, logic in order to be aware of the possible outcomes, and intuition for the natural compass toward the decision we are about to make.

Logic can offer you:

  1. Facts: collected and concrete data.
  2. Objectivity: detailed information
  3. Results

Logic offer us a rational approach for technical, mechanical, or electrical problems. And it is also excellent to deal with the hard facts, but it does not do as well with softer, human matters. This is why intuition is so assertive in matters of life such as, matters, art, music, career directions. This natural compass is not meant to be analyzed, it just offers a very simple feeling.

Business management...logic vs. intuitionEven though logic appears to be the best choice, due to its rational judgment, this is a conscious and measured effort to make a decision. Intuition is the original human radar system we are all born with. It depends on our subjective impressions that give us an automatic feeling or psychic alertness that provide us an instant knowledge. This awareness cannot be explained logically but creates a strong positive or negative feeling to do something or not. This is a spontaneous thought or feeling that rise from the subconscious mind in order to evaluate situations.

A healthy dose of both

On its article “The power of intuition in decision making”, Time Management Guide, offers a very suitable definition of what intuition is. It says that an intuitive mode is a process dominated by our subconscious mind, persuading our conscious mind to evaluate decision making results. So, this information is processed in parallel with our logic statements, however the difference is, that instead of going through the logical sequence of thoughts one by one, intuition allow us perceive the situation as an entire component of vibes emerging in parallel.

We are connected with our emotion and you might have had experienced yourself. Have you ever sense that an option you consider does not feel right, even though there is no prove to verify that? On the other hand, let’s check what a rational science man once said: “The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.” I couldn’t agree more with Albert Einstein, and this is why I believe that a mix of both think pattern are so important for our daily tasks.

To sum up, in order to avoid these degrees of regret or dissatisfaction that only logic-plans offer, we highly recommend to attract fulfillment by using your intuition. You and me should peacefully listen all the advices, all the possible outcomes and scenarios, however make an effort to make our own decisions. Take into account that having a dose of forethought is never a bad ingredient for any decision. Prudence on each decision means not ignoring either source of information and not jumping to conclusions prematurely. However, do not delay making decisions either since it is always better to learn from your own decisions rather than wasting your life in a state of indecision.

Are you having second thought about something? Try this decisive measuring question. Ask yourself:  can I afford to make this mistake? Consider the options you currently have and calculate how much trouble might be caused if you choose the path you are taking.

Make it happen!

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