Companies and employees, staying or leaving?

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Some companies brand themselves as great places to work, however the reality –sometimes- is just the opposite. However, let’s take a couple of minutes to imagine that we are stuck in a company where we feel underestimated. What should we do? How do we know when we have had enough? How can we confront our inner fears of starting again?

Companies and employees, staying or leaving?There are a few warning signals that you should take into account when the time has arrived. The first sign –I personally consider- is your intuition. There is nothing more accurate than your inner-self to let you know it is time to go. We might think that there is no such as the attachment we have in personal relationships, however if we love what we do, we might have troubles on truly seeing what it is actually going on.

The absence of passion:

Exactly how it happens in love interactions, when you find yourself saying the words: “Is just not the same”, is because the same passion and excitement has decreased. Check yourself, is your enthusiasm for the contribution you are making is gone? Possibilities ahead are no longer something you care about? I think that if you are doing something that you certainly love doing, but is affecting others side of your life in a personal and emotional level, then is time to reconsider facts.


There is nothing more important than a well-balanced life. Nutrition and exercise are the best allies in a good professional and personal performance. Are these vital elements of life being affected by your current job? Is there any stress affecting your physical health?. Take into account that when it comes to nourish yourself work issues should not be on the table. On the other hand, exercise should be a reward of what your body can do. If you are not having fun while doing your workouts because you cannot get work tasks out of your head, there are two options, number one is that maybe you are a workaholic or two –the most shock one- your work is consuming and invading your personal time. You should be able to have time in order to enjoy good things life, things that you like. If you find yourself with no time for your family and friends, then it is time to get out.


While pay is not necessarily the only thing motivating you to work, let’s be honest: you see your pay and benefits package as a measure of how much your boss values your work. So if you are not making much more now, years into your career, than you were as a doe-eyed, inexperienced graduate fresh out of college, chances are you feel undervalued.

Even worse, being constantly overlooked by your manager for new responsibility and praise, despite how hard you work, can be really discouraging. If your salary and responsibility do not reflect your experience level, I hear you: it’s no wonder you are growing tired of your job.

Short-term goals do not match:

Considering whether we are investing our time in a company is no reason to feel guilty. It is important for you to decide whether you are investing or wasting time in the wrong company, because after all, most of our life goes on working tasks. So ask yourself is the company we are working for, offering enough upward mobility, given your level of ambition? You should be able to grow or to consider other financial stability, and that is completely ok.


When this factor is almost unbearable, it is definitely time for us to jump –even though it might be scary- in order to seek for new job options. When communication with the CEO’s seem like a battlefield where we perceive we can’t ever win, it is time my friend. Most of the time it is not about “winning” it is about being able to make a positive contribution to a specific assignment. And getting the sense we are succeeding in something is one of the most important motivations to keep providing an outstanding service.


Finding yourself with too much tasks at the same time can be stressing. On the other hand, it may also imply that you have not organize yourself properly, or is it that the company is pressuring you at some point? Being proactive is a habit that any company is always looking in an employee, however if we find ourselves with lack of motivation, and the effort we make does not seem to affect in a positive way (undervaluation), short-term goals do not match with what the company is reflecting, then it is time to move on.

There is nothing like starting over. There is a song I personally happen to enjoy and it is called “Every end is a new beginning”, and when it comes to quitting what is no longer making you happy, making you grow, or promising a good future, it is time for you to step aside and re-consider how you are spending your life. Therefore, I strongly suggest you to get out no matter how scary can that be, no matter how comfortable you are. We are not playing game, is your life you are spending here.

Embrace the unknown!

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