Disappearing jobs field: career alternatives adapted to our age

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These days we have been using technology more than ever before; whether to be connected with friends/family, getting up to date on the latest happenings in our world, or even to create new networking. Computers, tablets, and smartphones are only part of the high- tech devices a big part of our society is getting dependent on. There is an inevitable truth we all need to face: technology is becoming essential for everyone and jobs field is not the exception, as a matter of fact 60% of the jobs in ten years from now, haven’t been invented yet.

Computers, tablets, and smartphones are only part of the high- tech devices a big part of our society is getting dependent on.Cashiers have been replaced by self- checkout lines, surveys provided by the Labor Department ensure that in the next 10 to 20 years, a significant number of profession will dwindle. Based on this, and taking into consideration that many of the changes we see today will certainly have an impact on new jobs alternatives, I believe it is time to start researching for jobs that will be in high demand in the future, I have enlisted some of them and my intention with this selection is helping you stretching your imagination regarding new job paths that you can perform in your future.

Career Paths You Should Be Considering for your Future

Virtual Reality Experts

Gaming industry has become one of the hottest and newest job options these days. By 2020 virtual reality industry will be worth around $150 billion dollars, so career prospects within this field will increase and expand significantly. In case you feel attracted by this type of job, you will need at least a bachelor degree in graphic design or any other related to this field, these are your potential jobs:

Videographers: they are responsible of creating and editing clips for marketing as well as entertaining purposes.

3-D modelers: they are in charge of creating lifelike digital imagery.

Unit developer: they set foundation of good user experience with unit 3-D software.

Animators: in this job the main goal is bringing 3-D models to life.

Data Analyst Specialists

Since technology is becoming part of our daily live, companies have taken their businesses market to the next level. Customer surveys have been left behind, organizations have improved their marketing, sales and management though a variety of data sets, thus managers are particularly interested in hiring data analysts that contribute to their company’s improvement; data analyst specialists need to look at, categorize and draw conclusions from a large amount of date. This will help to understand companies’ current performance, avoid any possible pitfalls in the future as well as enact those actions that might lead to future success. These are the job options in this interesting field:

Database Administrator: resolving complex issues and great communication skills are essential features of these career, as a database administrator will be part of a team that includes programmers and managers. This is a promising job option due to readily availability of apps, tablets and social media that companies should protect and cherish.

Market Research Analyst: in this job determining company’s core sales demographic will be the main goal, then working to improve marketing strategies will be the next step.

Business Intelligence Analyst: the person in charge of this area analyzes a company’s data, and presents that information whether to clients, coworkers or employers.

Health Informatic Professionals: health records written on paper and stored in boxes have turned into electronic ones (AKA EHR), this has allowed specialists to create a new version of healthcare oriented career path called “health informatics” and you might be interested in. it is a relatively new profession which is noticeably growing. The following are some job option for this field.

Clinical Informatic Manager: he/she is in charge of managing clinical information system, trains and employees in system; ensuring that HER meets all of the federal and state guidelines. The required experience for this job is: informatics.

Nursing Informatic Specialist: expert in this position work with nurses and technology, serving as a bridge between the two. Bachelor’s degree in nursing is required for this job.

Health Informatics Consultant: he/ she is responsible of implement, maintain and troubleshoot technology in healthcare settings.

I see it from this perspective; times are changing really quickly, thus what today seems like a great and updated job opportunity, tomorrow will just be replaced by another stellar option. Hence, it would be essential for people to prepare themselves for the changes to come; technology jobs are growing faster than the average for all jobs alternatives so it will be a smart idea to start working toward a possible career or profession, that allows you creating a strategy which makes you leave any possible chance to be unemployed for an extended period of time in the future.

Computer system analysts or civil engineers are some of the many jobs that currently exist and probably will still exist in the future, however each of them will change as technology and communication systems make their impact. It is important to mention that today the first wave of baby boomers has turned 65 and as this generation gets older their needs change, this will let the millennial generation take over major shifts in corporations over the next decade. Statistics shown that by 2025 millennials will account for 75 percent of the global workforce, this means that you should be ready for a new different set of jobs expectations, this emerging demographic is just the beginning.

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