Do you know anyone with Asperger’s? take it easy

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The asperger is a silent syndrome, can stay in anyone from our home or our office and even if we spend a lot of time with them, we will not necessarily be able to determine who has it, much less why. In a given case, there is no need to fear him, there is nothing in him who possesses this syndrome that could affect us.

It is thus, the asperger does not affect in two directions, who suffers from asperger has all the to lose and without even realizing it. To realize it, you have to understand it and to understand it you have to have clear communication. That’s not something someone who suffers from asperger’s can do.

By 2013, the asperger came off the list of diseases in the American Psychiatric Association’s Statistical and Diagnostic Manual. Currently, people with this condition are diagnosed as affected by a type of autism. We might now consider it mild autism.

It is not easy to determine the symptoms so they almost always go unnoticed among us as if they were office ghosts and if ever able we do not call it weird is because, in some case, we have been that person that has not yet been judged.

Usually the drivers of asperger syndrome are lack of social skills, non-verbal communication and clumsiness. Those qualities we can see them day by day and not necessarily about someone who has this disorder.

Even knowing that one of our colleagues suffers from Asperger and we found it in the copy room we would not know how to deal with it because although it is simple, not everyone knows how to deal with it.

As we have already said, the communication standards we know do not necessarily apply to people who suffer from this quality. Even if you can put yourself in their shoes, they will not know how to do them in the other’s, so tolerate their attitudes as strange as they may seem.

You have to walk always on your steps, when you are the receiver of the message, never hesitate to ask, if you did not understand, that was what in fact your partner wanted to say so that there are no confusion or in the labor field Nor in the staff of having made a friendship.

Understand, or rather, understand that they have no filter. Understanding that most can release certain words or phrases that are not necessarily pleasing to everyone and that most usually stay inside to not affect the other.

When we initiate the conversation we must be very clear in the message that we will want to communicate otherwise that ambiguity can generate in the sufferer asperger a confusion that will manifest in their actions.

All non-verbal signs have to be alert, for people suffering from asperger’s is the connection between the image and what is meant does not work as for the rest of humanity. So you have to think about the position in how they take that situation so they do not confuse it.


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