Effective techniques successful people use to make a killer first impression

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Have you ever wondered why first impressions matter? Are they that important? In order to answers these inquiries, it will be better to support them on reliable researchers for instance Amy Cuddy’s, a Harvard Business School social psychologist who has studied first impression and has found out that when a person meets someone for the first time, he or she form not form one impression, but two. The first one is that impression which answers what are this new person’s intentions toward me? And the second one, the most important in my opinion, how strong and competent is this person? So if you think over these statements, you certainly realize that first impression does matter when you want to build a long-lasting trust.

There are some other researchers that have demonstrated first impressions are made within the first seconds after you meet someone new, so you might wish that opinions were based on your experience but actually they are shaped by what you can say or tell in those initial few seconds; then I believe it is time to start thinking of what impression you are creating. Managing your image is crucial to ensure a killer first impression; the outgoing, as well as the pro- active process of making a positive impact of your appearance, will be key to create an assertive framework of yourself. So next time you meet someone, strive to use the following effective techniques that will help you project a more positive first impression.

Good Handshaking Is Key: master it!

You might take it as an irrelevant aspect; however it is surprising how handshakes make a determining impact when it comes to first impressions. In fact, there is a study made in the University of Illinois which found that a “positive evaluation” occurs in the brain when there is a handshake. Thus, in social interactions negative impressions diminish because an effective handshake boosts the chances of a favorable connection with someone you are just meeting for the first time. So, how can you give a handshake that really makes a difference? It is said that a good handshake needs to be firm and dry, and it should last around to or three seconds as you complement it with eye contact and a smile.

Check Carefully Your Grooming

The way you look does matter to other people, therefore I recommend you to scrutinize whether your hair, make up (if female), or what you wear is really projecting the image you want to show to the world. Initial judgments are determining in the quest of making an assertive first impression, so once you consider you have all of your ornaments (right watch, proper purse, jewelry and earrings) well- coordinated, ask friends you really trust about what they think of your look; keep in mind that getting a good visual appearance is key, and thus you must strive to show what you want people you are meeting for the first time see about you.

Be Aware Of Your Body Language

Considered as another crucial element in the first impression process, your body language has to be a positive part you want to project to others. From your posture until your tone of voice and your gestures in between, be conscious of what you are doing with your body so immediate improvements will show up and subsequently, you will draw people to you. A genuine smile, enthusiastic tone and a constant eye contact are literally winning tickets to a great first impression. Your body language silently speaks volumes, feel and portrait confidence and you will be making all the difference.

Be less Talker, More Active Listener

Many people do not like small talks, but it is important to mention that small conversations, when making a first impression, are necessary because the goal is not becoming a best friend but giving the most highlighted attributes that describe you, thus you should try to create a balance between not saying just enough of you and speaking too much. Opposite to be a talker, practicing active listening will be better since you concentrate on what the other person is letting you know, insightful questions are ideal ways to show that you are really interested and paying attention.

As you have red through these lines, unlike assuming that competence is the most important factor when meeting someone, building trust from the very few seconds is actually the essential aspect you should focus on. It would be worthless if you try to project confidence but have forgotten that you need to establish trust first, so in order to increase your chances of being successful at making a killer first impression whether to gain respect, find a new job or client you must learn how to master the art of first impression.

Take time to research into how successful people make it to create an assertive first impression, as well as how you can strength your image in those decisive first seconds, remember that first impressions set the stage to the way people will perceive you in the future, and there is nothing you can do to change that.

written by: Ramsil Marquez

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