Financial independence

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We almost always think that money gives us happiness. Term coined in a very strange way if we think that money is not everything. Rather, what gives us happiness is how we feel comfortable with that money or that at least our basic needs are covered in such a way that we do not have to think about it.

But for sure, it is not a phrase that we could say that came out of nowhere. Certainly financial independence was proposed in 1997 by the author of the bestseller Rich Dad, Poor Dad, Robert Kiyosaki. By this he meant more specifically to obtain passive income without having to propose to move a single finger.

If yours is not the office and being a salaried is not your goal. You have to think like the big ones to get out of the cubicle that was intended for you. Many will believe in some preconceptions of their lifestyle and feel overwhelmed.

If you are reading this next to your boss, do not worry, the fact that you are financially solvent does not mean that you are not a great worker or that you are forced to work, on the contrary, you will think better to live better and Both he and his boss will have a happier employee.

10 tips for achieving financial independence

  1. Control over the

Many people think that getting a higher salary will end their problems. That is a great trap, the more money the commitments are greater. Establishing a control over the expenses you have, regardless of the salary you have, will give you an advantage over those who earn more.

  1. Do as the ant

Do not be like the cicada in the children’s story. Thinking about today will always leave you with empty pockets tomorrow, no matter how much you want to give yourself a treat. Spending your whole life trying to pursue the material dream will leave you more frustrated. Save and you will see how you will feel more confident in the future.

  1. Guys we see …

Bank accounts do not know. If you see that among your closest neighbors or friends, there are great material goods, do not envy, you may take advantage but do not envy. In key terms, showing up with a comfortable life is better than showing off with a ostentatious life. He does not know if his neighbor or friends are suffering by paying the fees of what he wants to show him.

  1. Be smart

Advertising has made us buy everything in a compulsive way. Think about how much it will benefit that product you want to buy from here at a time and if you will not stay breaking the piggy of the coins for the next month’s market.

  1. have a good piggy bank

There are people who are obsessed with saving but it is because they do not really know how to do it. The best way to do this is to understand the mechanisms of your home and if you do not know it is best that you consult with a professional.

  1. Study the market

The market fluctuates and if you want to join that sea you have to know how to swim it. Passive income will not come on its own.

  1. Walk before you run

To be independent, as in youth, you had to have gone through a long process. Maybe at this stage of your life you love what you do but then you may be disappointed or bored with your job, then let’s say in about 20 more years. Having money under the mattress will guarantee you a pleasant relief as long as you want to escape.

  1. Learn from the best

In terms of money there are no loopholes. Successful people always give tricks or talks. The Internet has democratized certain tips soak it and you will see how something learns so that money does not get stuck.

  1. Start Earlier

If you are in an income stage, save and invest. Do not leave for tomorrow what you can do today, less in terms of money.

  1. Know Your Limits

As we have said before, in terms of money we can say that it is like a tide. At any moment there may come a wave, called economic crisis, and all that comfort you had before can come to you.

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