Generation Z: The threat of millennials

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The Millennials that still think they are in the trend are very wrong. The generation of James Harden, the guard of the Houston Rockets, is in decline and a superior race had to emerge. There is already a generation that will take away the leadership in the global workforce. The so-called Generation Z or in its more cool meaning Gen Z.

Just as it did in its beginnings with the Millennials, the date of birth of this new generation still remains in discussion. Some say that those born after the year 95, other than after 97. But generally speaking, the Gen Z are considered those who left the womb between the mid-1990s and the early 2000s .

From the beginning, the Gen Z won the game to their predecessors. Although the Millennials were forged and raised in the midst of an economic boom; This new generation was forged in the midst of the economic and social crisis, which makes them rethink the perspectives of the future. Creativity expands when it is more reduce.

Talk and show more

The Millennials’ tendency pointed to the fact that, although academically trained, their ability to relate was very small. This generation of relay tends to the greatest interaction with others, although this is not necessarily in person.
The children of the babyboomers, the millennials, spoiled and arrogant for their generous economic quality, opened the way of technology to their substitutes. Those born after yeara 81 and before 95, work on two screens: cellular and computer. Those of the generation Z handle up to 5 without this entailing greater effort.

Rethinking the office

They are, of course, the mass that will have the workforce, according to the US Census Bureau, Gen Z represents 25% of the population, outnumbering the millennials and their parents, the baby boomers.

For the moment, the Millennials have nothing to fear, there is still the possibility of looking for new mechanism to adapt. Most of the Zs are in high school 15% of them are studying a bachelor’s degree, almost 10% are in some stage of vocational training, 3% are masters and 3% have joined the workforce.

While the Millennials are determined by language, the Gen Z is determined by the visual which in the long run is potentially most appreciated in the new technological age and content adaptation.

However, although they seem to be the ideal workers because of their ability to focus, respond and learn, companies must rethink the way they do not feel an eternal job identity as it did with previous generations. If millenials disliked orders, Gen Z does not want to know of the word boss.

Already when the labor market began to adapt to certain employees, others emerge that instead of highlight they prefer to obtain personal success.

Keys to identifying to the Generation Z

As with previous generations, this new generation has characteristics that encompass them so that you can already identify the most notorious:

  1. They are self-taught. 33 percent learn via tutorials on the internet. More than 20 percent read on tablets and devices. 32 percent do all their homework and labors online.
  2. They are mature, self-sufficient and creative.
  3.  Sixty percent want jobs that impact the world, 26 percent do some kind of volunteer work, and 76 percent care about the impact of the human being on the planet.
  4. They were born with the DIY culture (Do it yourself), so they are accustomed to solving problems and needs in a personal and focused way. Access to the cloud has given them the tools they need to find solutions.
  5. 60 percent of these boys want their work life to be related to their current passions and hobbies. They’re look a bit proud: 80 percent think it is a generation better suited to any situation.
  6. It has on average an application usage time or a landing page of less than eight seconds. You have to do something shocking to get the attention of them, they have 4 other screens to attend.
  7. Have learned the risks and inconveniences involved in sharing all of their information on the internet. Prefer privacy.
  8. Spend more than three hours a day in front of the computer in activities unrelated to their schoolwork or work.
  9. They are accustomed to the immediacy and efficiency they have reached achieved with technology

It is practically an undeclared war and, like synonyms, although one word is very similar to another, there is a difference between them. The millennials have to learn to run so that Generation Z does not reach them … at least not so soon.

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