Great tools to help you out with your next long- term traveling experience

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Taking a break from it all can benefit not only your psychological but also health status. Professional researchers at the Journal Applied Research in Quality of Life, have shown that one of the best happiness boosters anyone can experiment starts from the simple act of planning a vacation. To my mind, traveling is actually one of the best ways to truly dive into other cultures, personalities and tastes; so if you are planning your next long- term traveling experience, make sure you read this post I have made for you with some of the best tools that you might need, in order to make your vacations as enjoyable as possible.

Tools to optimize you long- term traveling experience: food

Stop checking reviews from traditional restaurants, today technology offers plenty of options tailored for the most discerning foodies out there, here are some very interesting apps or mobile friendly websites that will certainly help you deciding on what to eat during your travel experience:


This is a downloadable app you can get for free from the App Store or Google Play. Foodspotting is similar to Instagram, but adapted to foodies; well, actually is way more useful due to the fact that you can get recommendation on what other foodies have eaten at the same restaurant. Furthermore, you may also share your own gastronomical achievements while having fun scrolling to see what other people are eating.

Meal Sharing

What I really love about this tool while traveling is the great opportunity you have to eat excellent and typical food from the place you are visiting at the best home- cooked meal style. You can enjoy of a delicious dinner in a local’s home, this amazing website will help you to connect with home cooks in order to have an authentic dining experience.


Ok, this website is quite similar to Meal Sharing, the only difference is that Feastly connects you with talented chefs. And so, you have a wide variety of option where to eat; from local foragers to exclusive dinners hosted by local food professionals. You can access to Feastly from their website.

Tools to optimize you long- term traveling experience: plan, pack, sleep, drive and fly

It is certainly true that there are thousands of online tools as well as apps that can contribute to organize that perfect vacation you are dreaming of; here are some of them, and I think they can make your long- term traveling season fun and filled with great moments.

To Do & Packing Pro

These two powerful tools will help you better manage traveling tasks, Packing Pro serves as your own and perfect packing assistant. Both of them are downloadable for free only from App Store.

FlightTrack Pro

So, you are ready to start a long- term traveling experience and of course you need to store and track your flights; this super helpful tool will make it happen as it pulls vital traveling info like gate changes, or weather reports for 5,000 airports as well as for 1,400 airlines, this is just awesome! isn’t? with flightTrack Pro you can easily search for other connections while you are standing in line for the gate agent, where can you download it? For free, from App Store and Google Play.

AirBnB, & Hotel Tonight

Whether on web, IPhone or Android you can check in AirBnb where people are staying; this is a global network of accommodations offered by high trusted locals. Additionally, you can count on Hotel Tonight which is a last minute- deals option based on unsold hotel rooms up to 70% off. Any of these two great tools are downloadable for free from App Store or Google Play.


Ok, let’s suppose you have already booked both your car and your reservation at home. With AutoSlash you will receive an automatic update if there are better offers or discounts. You can access to this amazing tool via web.

Tools to optimize you long- term traveling experience: navigation, communication & shopping

I have thought about every circumstance where you will need counting on great and useful tools that contribute to make your traveling experience one of a kind. Therefore, I cannot forget about those apps that might be really helpful for you during such experience.

Google maps

Known worldwide as one of the best navigation systems, you can turn by turn Google Maps’ GPS navigation for driving, walking or even public transportation. Google Maps is available for iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows.

Wi-Fi finder

With this amazing tool, you will be able to search for public Wi-Fi in any place you are in this world. Wi-Fi Finder is downloadable for free in the App Store and Google Play.

Mtrip travel guides

What I really like about this tool is that once you download it to your cellphone, you literally have a travel guide that shows you the best attractions, museums, hotels restaurants, bars and shopping suggestions, with ratings and reviews included. Available for iPhone, iTouch and Android.

XE app

If shopping will be one of your purposes during your long- term traveling experience, then XE app will be the perfect tool for you since it will let you convert every world currency on the go.

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