How to go Back to work after dealing with grieving

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Loosing someone really dear to you has never been an easy experience, after that person passed away it may seem like everything has been turned upside down, and the most normal reaction is to feel pain and grief. Grieving is a natural reaction to death or loss, you experience a variety of emotions like shock, disbelief, sadness or loneliness, and during such a difficult moment taking care of yourself is the most important thing to do. Everyone reacts to loss differently, each person experiences feelings at diverse levels as well as intensity, and thus the grieving process is helped when you acknowledge it, and find proper support.

How to go Back to work after dealing with grievingOnce all the rituals you have to go through when you lose a loved one have been completed, it is time to go back to work; but how can people make it to go back to their workplace after dealing with grieving? To give this question an answer it is worth mentioning that about 85% of companies offer bereavement leave as a benefit, in accordance with a data showed by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) and some other surveys, the typical policy is three to five days. However, these numbers might change depending on whether the death is in the immediate or extended family. Death is such an intimate experience, and based on this I have compiled a few tips that might help you as bereaved employee to return back to work after such an overwhelming experience.

Stay True to Yourself

When a loved one dies you go through a truly devastating time, this experience wounds you and brings up emotions that you probably haven’t felt before. For this reason it is important for you not to hide your feelings, but instead allow yourself time and space to face this hard moment of your life; let your feelings take their course including crying or anything that let it all go out. By pretending every little thing is all right, you are not honoring your experience but just skipping an essential step in any grieving process.

Take Your Time to Grieve and Be Ready Again

During grieving most of people are afraid to spend too much time on reflecting and breathing, and even though they respond differently to a loved one’s death, many of them share the feeling of fear that all those feelings and emotions they have locked inside simply come spilling out. However, giving yourself time enough to reconstruct a frame of mind in order to work on a catalyst, to bring back the best in you would be a wonderful plan. This obviously takes time but if your work for a company which really values you and your working skills, then it would not be a problem for them to give you time to grieve and go back to work when you feel ready.

Going Back To Work Might Be Positive After All

Dealing with the loss of someone dear to you includes many undesirable emotions, but what if after taking your time to grieve you change your mind a little bit and see the returning back to work step as a positive way to have your mind occupied in some other things rather than going back to thoughts of that person that make you feel even more sad? Going back to work means your mind will be immerse in some better used, this way you keep it distracted and focused on some other matters; I believe this will help you a great deal.

A councilor Might Help You

Speaking to a professional can be the ideal complement to those conversations you have already had with family and friends. The only difference is that this skilled professional (a councilor) will be able to help you understand, and overcome your loss with the exact words you need to hear at the right point of time.

Studies have shown that each year, between 5% and 9% of the population loses a close family member, this should teach us that death is an invitation to open up our hearts, it might also show us that experiencing the feelings of pain and grief is part of the necessary process as it is a way to honor put loved ones, grieving cannot be abbreviated. My best piece of advice for you as a person who has lost someone very important in your life is to go back into the world with a different perspective of it, from now on you should take care of your family, do your work or be in charge of your businesses but this time with an increased awareness and compassion not only for your needs but also others’. Unfortunately we live in a world where companies do not allow us to spend a lot of time out of the workplace after losing a significant person, somehow we are forced to go back into life before we are emotionally ready, of course this is not something helpful but being real, and sharing our experience whenever we are ready with those around us is much more valuable.

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