How to go beyond your customer’s expectations by just applying good manners

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Good communication is the mother of all of the possible ways to understand and make ourselves clear in society. When it comes about to create effective customer expectation management, you need to ensure that you will be always striving to make your customers feel they are being understood; real feedback will be a key factor to accomplish so. If you have already developed a solid relationship with your customers, you enjoy of their honesty in their feedback and so you can take that information to either keep up the good work you have been doing with them, or teach you what you should inspect in order to improve it. The following are some interesting ways that can certainly help you stay on top of your manners, thus you will exceed you customers’ expectations by offering them a great service that will result into successful sales.

Beware of interrupting

Your parents or whoever contributed to your raising process have probably already told you since you were just a child; interrupting others while they are talking is another way to be rude, mind your manners! The same happens when it comes about communicating with a customer, you need to be careful about interrupting them when they are explaining a problem; this can actually upset them, even if you have interrupted their explanation to offer a solution.

However, there is nothing wrong in experiencing the feeling of interrupting that conversation you are holding with your customer, perhaps what you need to do is to at least cut to the chase and tell that person what you think his/her main idea was; and in this way your customer has the opportunity to confirm or correct you. Moreover, strive to truly listen to your customers and their needs, when you listen to hear what they are asking for, you are able to better understand them and come with the most accurate solutions for them, instead of just provide and immediate but wrong answer.

Listen and do not forget to be present

I believe that most of the people who is reading this post have experienced the awful feeling of telling something really important to someone, and actually feel they are talking to a wall. Now, can you imagine making your customer feel this way? You should be really careful on just hear what he/she is telling you without giving them a sincere feedback, or at least an indication you are acknowledging their words. Aspects just like using you phone to text a message, or answering a phone call while you are with you customers may show them you disrespect them, and that you are not fully engaged to your conversation. Most importantly, the fact that you are not present in that meeting you are having with your customer does not allow you to read the body language as well as all of those non- verbal clues that can help you close a good sale.

Do not forget about saying “thank you”

You already know it, minding your manners absolutely includes an amazing tool, which is saying “thank you”; because more than showing your customer you appreciate the fact he/she decided on you to make businesses, you would like him/her to know how grateful you feel to have met them.

Avoid negative questions in your speech

This is a common mistake I seldom make, even in regular conversations with family or friends; asking questions in a negative way creates confusion as your customer might give you wrong answers, which generates unwanted problems regarding an important business matter. Instead of negative questions, strive for asking open- ended question like what type of products you have tried? Or in case you must use the negative form in an interrogative sentence, then try to structure your question this way: Am I correct that you have not used our products? And when it comes about responding to a customer that is thanking you for something, replace that “no problem” answer for an enthusiastic “it’s my pleasure!”, you will demonstrate to your customer your willingness to be part of what they need or are looking for.

Prevent possible problems by misinterpreting words or phrases

Once again, it is about paying attention to your manners when communicating with your customer. In this way, it will be essential for you to be careful with your pronunciation as well as possible inflections that might cause your customer convey something else. On the other hand, before you answer to a customer about anything, make sure you are giving them a complete acknowledgement; keep in mind that just listening without being aware of what your customer means might prompt him/her to feel misinterpreted or even disrespected.

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