Increasing productivity by avoiding procrastination

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Increasing productivity by avoiding procrastinationThere is always something more entertaining than “it”, right? Procrastination can be a torture because is the best tool to provide us temporary happiness. However, when it comes to those time where you can have some fun and work tasks, you can get the best of both sides. But first of all, let’s take a look of some reason why we tend to procrastinate before offering solutions.


 Why do we procrastinate?

Lack of motivation: A few days ago I was telling one of my co-workers that when it comes to procrastination, the reason of its origins –in my case- relies on the fact that I have been find myself with lack of motivation. Therefore I guess this is has to do with the inner dialogue on your mind. Even though sometimes you might have to get off for a couples of hours, it is important to be conscious of the type of responsibility you happen to own. Subsequently, I would suggest you to create a board, -because sometimes positive inner dialogues do no work- to remind yourself the significance of this effort you are making.

Solution: Thinking on “why am I doing this?” or “what is the purpose of this?” can help you to get specific answer to write down in order to motivate yourself. What I am trying to say is that the task itself, should not be the issue compared with the magnitude of the result itself. After having this on a beautiful colorful goals (in my case) on a piece of paper, you could definitely try to place it nearby your bedroom door or right in front of you work place just to cheer you up.

Procrastination depends on human behavior and our perception of reality. Since we have a habit of seeing things in the future as, less real or concrete, our tasks we do sometimes can easily be mistaken as a non-right now priority. Therefore, the later risks of not doing something or the rewards of getting it done seem less real, as well.

What else can I do in order to avoid Procrastination?

Who said that working tasks should be boring? There a few things you can try in order to get back on track. I must confess you that at the beginning it would not be easy, in fact is this following steps are guidelines that you might have to do it consciously. Furthermore if you can design a schedule in order to assign a proper hour, I personally must tell you that you would see results, sooner or later on each one of your tasks.

Plan ahead: Schedule planning. Take your time to organize your routine. If you get to your work desk and have no idea where to start, you might be tempting to do random low-impact tasks, such as checking email, or other worse forms of procrastinating. Planning ahead provides you to walk with a map, therefore put together a plan or at least a 3 task in your to-do list before starting work, things you want to accomplish through the day.

Take into account that small steps lead you to a beautiful word, which is consistency. Yes! Consistency is one of the ingredients to productivity cocktail, and planning allows you to visualize what you have accomplished during the day and then come up with what needs to get done tomorrow. So, start fresh by prioritizing your work, knowing exactly what you need to do.

Time yourself up: Commit yourself on completing not only the tasks you have set, but also attempt to do more tasks during your working hours. It might be difficult at the beginning, you might want to get distract, however when this times arrive try, stretching. Sometimes we just need to move and make our blood flow, make our heart beat a little bit faster. Then go back, and instead of completing new tasks try at least to commit yourself on structure them.

Self-awareness: Having self-awareness allows you to properly understand why you are even procrastinating in the first place. Once you understand why you are procrastinating it will be easier for you to design a plan to get back on track. In my case, sometimes is a lack of exercise, when I skip workout my stamina batteries affect my productivity, which leads me to a domino effect.

To sum up Self-awareness allows you to comprehend the root cause of your procrastination, which means taking a step back and looking at some of the possible reasons such as boredom and that overwhelmed feeling. Last but never least, try by enhancing your work place with things you like, elements you enjoy. Music is a very nice element that can help you on soothing and quiet your mind, and get you more focused on what you are doing. I personally enjoy this, which also allow me to discover more genres on this beautiful art.

I sincerely hope this content help you as much as it helped me. Believe you can do it and you will be half way.

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