Keep improving: enhance your sense of well- being

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The World Happiness Report has updated its version based on data collected last 2016; and in accordance with this study, happiness and subjective well- being are two key indicators of human development’s quality. I would like to base this post on well- being, which is a dynamic process that provides people with a sense of how their lives are going by interacting with their circumstances. People with high levels of well- being are more able to react to difficult situationsThis is possible if people experience their lives through elements like: their sense of individual vitality, undertaking meaningful activities that make them feel competent, and some other inner resources to cope when situations go wrong or what we know as the ability to be resilient to changes beyond their control. All of the above-mentioned factors play a significant role in ensuring that we can feel our lives are going well, no matter how hard circumstances can be.

People with high levels of well- being are more able to react to difficult situations, they see them as opportunities to innovate and positively engage with others as well as with the world around them. Keep improving ourselves should be one of the fundamental features we need to cultivate every day, to address tough times and enhance your sense of well-being I have divided the following information into two components, once you can manage them you will create an immediate and greater sense of inner peace.

Sustaining Positive Emotions

“Life is not the way it is supposed to be, it is the way it is. The way you cope is what makes the difference” – Virginia Satir

This is basically your ability to access positive feelings and most importantly, keep them going. For some people, it is possible to feel positive emotions in certain moments, however they find it difficult to carry them forward and thus they cannot re-access them. Sustaining positive emotions are all about expressing gratitude and visualizing best positive selves, to start you can work on savoring simple experiences for instance; savor a really good meal, pay close attention to your senses and take your time to smell, taste and texture your food in each bite. When you meet with friends for lunch, pay attention to their smile and be aware of the quality time you spend together laughing and realize you are building up a stronger relationship, this certainly helps you being more sociable and furthermore, sustains the important ones you already have. When you portrait positive, you are putting yourself in the best position to make it through bad times, and at the same time you are becoming a better person in the process. Remain positive and remind yourself that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Overcome Negative Emotions

“facing difficulties is inevitable, learning from them is optional” – John Maxwell

Once I heard that life is a series of peaks and valleys, what an excellent way to exemplify it! In life, sometimes you will be up and sometimes you will be down, that’s for sure. Learning how to respond to difficult times is figuring out the way you defeat hard situations, and let me tell you that this is going to define what type of person you are. A strong sense of well- being increases your resilience and thus you are able to recover quickly from negative events. A good way to cope with tough moments is reflecting on your values and those qualities that best characterize you; studies have shown that reflection boost people’s sense of well-being. Take the time to reflect on those traits that make you the person you are, pay attention to how they affect the way you feel about yourself. Recognizing your good qualities allows you to be validated as a person who has a strong sense of well- being and inner peace. Strive to see difficult times as momentary events you have to experience, and by making this a practice you will feel less overwhelmed and more ready to make it through.

In brief, some situations are beyond your control and regardless what you do, you cannot change a thing. However, this does not necessarily mean you can create a balance based on the way you process positive and negative emotions, actually this will be essential to build up a greater sense of well- being for yourself. It is certainly true that there will be moments of your life where you will feel nearly unable to achieve that balance, sometimes we get so focused on the road ahead that we do not take a moment to appreciate those beautiful experiences we have already lived. Therefore, it is crucial to give yourself credit for everything you have already achieved and taking this as a reference, you can affirm your values and best qualities in order to feel a bigger feeling of satisfaction as we as contentment, which are two important elements to achieve a true well- being sense.

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