Learn how to keep personal problems aloof from work

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We all have to solve problems on a daily basis, either at work or in our day to day lives. For instance, putting together an argument for you next meeting with boss and colleagues, or figuring out how you are going to manage your budget to keep you going until the end of them month are some of the many issues you will need to face. When it comes to keep your credibility in the office, keeping your private life aloof from work certainly helps you to portrait a professional image that enables you to develop excellent relationships with your colleagues.

Learn how to keep personal problems aloof from workHowever, there is a really thin line between the clocks and walls that divide work from your life outside office which can disappear very easily and thus, you end up mixing personal matters with professional ones; what leads your personal problems have a big negative impact on your job, and therefore this can hurt perceptions of you at your workplace.

Among all of the skillful ways to building meaningful connections with your coworkers, as well as efficiently address your personal problems out of your office, you should: establish sensible boundaries and exercising self- control, these two strategies might seem simple but by practicing them you can be able to successfully separate your work and home worlds. I would also like to share some other tips that you can keep in mind next time you have to decide whether to share your personal life at the workplace or not.

Establish Boundaries Between Work and Life

A good way to start establishing certain boundaries between your personal and professional life is by cutting out too personal calls at work, this means that it is totally fine if you receive or make phone calls to arrange appointments with your dentist or hairdresser, however if your coworkers frequently hear you on the phone talking about your personal life or arguing with your romantic partner or anyone, this leads them to ask you about that personal conversation you had.

While working time, avoid talking about your personal problems with your coworkers. Instead of spreading your home issues when everybody is focused on their work and you will only distract them, wait until lunch or any free time to talk about what you are struggling with at home, and open your heart out only with your more trusted colleagues

Another good tip to draw boundaries between your work and life is striving to leave your domestic problems at home. Yes, I know that sounds easier that done but you should at least try to switch to your very strict professional version when at work; a short walk before and after work can be a good idea to mentally separate your thoughts work to life outside your workplace.

Keep Your Virtual/Online Life as Private as Possible

Being wide awake of your social media activity is a crucial aspect you need to pay attention to. Oftentimes people record and upload to their social networks pieces of their lives, without taking into consideration how accessible that information can be to anybody. Strive to think first what you decide to upload on your social media activity, it would be better to show parts of your private life that anyone, including your boss and coworkers, can see and avoid posting anything that openly could threaten this. Furthermore, consider the idea of connect with colleagues or boss only on professional sites such as LinkedIn, and keep Facebook for really close friends and family.

Nowadays it is almost impossible not to be active in at least one social network, that is not a bad thing at all. A nice strategy to make it possible to be on social media without blocking your workmates is by adjusting your profiles’ privacy settings, and make those proper arrangements on the “friends requests” section; this way you limit what you share on your social media, especially with people related to your workplace.

In world where over- sharing information is viral and universal, you better think twice before opening too much about your personal life at work. Of course it would be your choice what information you decide to share with your workmates, but when taking such decision, it would be key to consider your intent in sharing, remember that there are personal issues that once brought to the workplace, can come across as complaining or gossiping. Based on this, take into consideration that it is completely right if you choose to share only on a need to know basis, or only information that refers to work; you might be taken as an unfriendly member of the office but the positive part of it is that you become known for your work ethic, character traits as well as for your business acumen. Surveys have revealed that there are careers which have been ruined by over- sharing, this mostly due to ill- intended boss or coworkers.

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