Married & hardworking woman? Tips to find the balance

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“Change is the only constant in life” is a famous quote written by Heraclitus, I cannot agree more with it, and it is perfect to introduce this post. Times have evolved, women are working in record numbers; and even though this might be seen as a new phenomenon, the true is that World War II represents the major breaking point in female work patterns. Due to high demands for labor, increased consumption of goods and services since the war, many women were influenced to join to the work force and thus, the size of the female work force was noticeably boosted.

Married & hardworking woman? Tips to find the balanceThere is no turning back, women are not planning to go back home to become full-time housewives but instead their career aspirations are continuously progressing and therefore, family planning as well as household management are two very discussed subjects among married couples. So, in a world where you as a married hardworking woman has to face many demands of whether your workplace or family, how can you find the balance between work and your life outside work? In order to help you manage your married-work life, I have selected an interesting group of tips you might want to read and apply so you make sure that both your career and family harmoniously flourish.

Start Your Day Early

A smart time management starts very early in the morning. Being an early raiser gives you plenty time to do those daily chores for the day, and also to sum up your priorities. When you wake up earlier than anyone else at home, you can actually include activities like meditation, a fresh short walk or a quick workout routine that allows you to keep a tab on your health too. Strive to wake up earlier than you usually do, you will have a fresh start that allows you more time to think through your thoughts and have your ideas clear before to start your day.

Get Help from Your Significant Other

If you are one of those women who think you are the only one that can solve everything at home, then you might want to change your mind because there is no way for you to properly achieve household activities if you don’t get some help from your husband. Today both women and men work, so both of you must equally share your home’s responsibilities; communication will be essential to work out ways to manage your daily tasks and children’s activities. Talk to your spouse, organize work shifts that make you spend time with your children; parenting and working will be way more effortless for any married working woman if she gets the cooperation of her partner.

Strive to Be a Responsible Working Woman

When in the office, focus all of your attention on work and be sure you have your superior’s respect and support. Whenever you are worry regarding a work matter, share it instead of handling all by yourself. Try to be as responsible as you can so you don’t give your co- workers or superiors any reason to point a finger at you; and since you are a wife/mom that is also responsible with your family, you can check on your love ones and home during your break or lunch.

Turn into a Techie Mom

Leave old times where it was mandatory to follow your grandma’s guidelines to raise your kids; once again technology plays on your side, and you can become a techie mom who incorporates smartphones in order to nicely organize all of the chores and activities that will need to be achieved during the week, you can also consider this tip to check on your family through any social network in an immediate way.

Make Sure to Add a “me” Time on Your List

Daily hustle sometimes makes you forget about you, because you are always taking care of your love ones. Dedicate time just for you, I mean not for your husband, your kids or your house but for you! Meet up with friends, go out for shopping or a movie, anything you enjoy but please include activities that can work as a useful plan to throw out stress quickly.

In the corporate world women are working more than ever before, their empowerment across the workforce has been one of the most outstanding revolutions in the last 50 years. Married working women perform different tasks, they play various roles including: mother, wife and employee at the same time, and although this may be a challenging achievement for them, however I rather prefer to believe that we can execute a great “to do” list every day with all of the softness, loving and caring nature that characterize us.

In my opinion, smart time management will be one of the key elements you will need to cultivate, then you need to prioritize your responsibilities remember that all the power lies in you. It is absolutely possible to live a life where you, your family and career are happily synchronized; you just need to plan and involve each member of your family in the process to lead a balanced lifestyle. Each member of your family represents an essential piece in the puzzle, so making compromises is a great way to commit with your life as a professional executive without putting aside one of the most important roles you will ever perform: being a great wife and mother.

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