Planning a vacation alone? Here’s what you should know

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It has been proved that in recent years, interest in travelling alone has skyrocketed as people found out that a solo travel can be a totally liberating “me time”, and a completely rewarding as well as life- changing experience (in a way few other experiences in our life can match). Of course, there are always concerns people think of and therefore they decide to never go anywhere alone; but believe me, after you give a solo travel a try you will become a better person. To put it in more appealing words, think about this: travelling alone is about customizing your individual preferences in order to maximize your satisfaction, if this does not convince you to arrange your next travel experience alone, then I leave you with the following tips that can make you feel more confident regarding the idea of plan your next trip only for you.

Safety goes first

Consider the idea of buying travel insurance; some people believe that they won’t need it, however travel insurance can save you in many ways, including covering the cost of getting someone to your bedside should end up in hospital when traveling alone. Protecting your identity while on the road is another good safety tip as if you are going to be using public Wi-Fi on your travel, for instance if you need to do some online banking or use your credit card; the most advisable way to do so is by using a Virtual Private Network (VPN). In addition, get ready to travel alone by saving up, it will be really great to return from your trip and know that you have fully paid for it rather than having to catch up financially after you travel. In this way, you enjoy the delayed gratification of your solo trip.

Feel Freedom running through your body

It might be difficult arriving in a foreign country or new city alone, but do not let this stop you from breathing the freedom that trip is giving you. Take your time to watch what the city function is and then decide on those activities you would like to try for the very first time. I encourage to be a proactive traveler, this means that if you are not sure about yourself (where to go or when to eat), go ahead with a nice smile in your face and ask for help; this is another way to breath freedom. In case you have never been alone, then this solo trip is a great opportunity for you to learn how to be totally responsible for you and also accountable for all your decisions; perhaps this will be a challenging experience for you, but keep in mind that the reward will have incredible benefits in your life.

It is a solo trip experience, but you do not need to be lonely

When it comes about family or friends trip, the most common habit is to stick to familiar faces or places thus, you hinder any possible chance of interacting with strangers. But, since this is a trip you are planning to do alone, you face the great opportunity of meeting new people, make new friends along the way, and you can also end up making friends for a lifetime, why not? I think that when you are an alone traveler, you instantly become an interesting person, therefore people will feel interested in you as they might want to know where you come from, as well as what your cultures and beliefs are. Do yourself a favor, smile as much as you can; remember that smiling means the same in every spoken language in this world, it also makes you a friendly approachable person and plus, a smile can automatically open conversations. When traveling alone, look for coffee shops that have large communal tables, you can sit near someone and encourage yourself to have with him/ her or any locals around the place.

Learn as much as you can

From learning few words in the local language to get to know the foreign country’s ideologies; take every single experience of your solo trip as a lesson you need to treasure. When you see learning opportunities while traveling, this broadens your horizon, improves your thinking and allows you to achieve your travel goals without distractions. The best piece of advice I can give you regarding this tip is to open both, your mind and heart to rewarding experiences that will change your perceptions and increase your respect for other cultures and way of life of other people. Strive to always bring some learning with you from that travelling experience you are experimenting, when you make an effort to communicate in the local language, this is truly appreciated and often returned with another effort to communicate in your language, this has happened to me and it is such a rewarding memory I keep near my heart.


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