Please! Do these things before you get married

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When I think of marriage, I can only imagine that it is about as big as milestones come. You will marry your significant other for a lifetime, sounds huge to me! This is why I have decided to do some research regarding this topic and create this post you are reading right now. I found out that there are some crucial life moves that both women and men should try to accomplish before to tie the knot, this way you and your soulmate are sure to be starting a marriage as responsible and self- aware as you can be.

What every man should do before get married

Go through a heartbreak

Take the time to go through a heartbreak experience that allows you to learn how to talk and treat women as well as express yourself. Having experience on how to deal with tough moment with a woman can make you feel your married life will be difficult after a while. This is why it is advisable to experiment the heartbreak experience, that contributes to avoid a marriage that will hit the wrong notes pretty soon.

Learn how to cook

Whether you decide to take cooking lessons or use YouTube as your mentor for this matter, learning how to cook will be essential for you since this is an important skill that will not only help you win points with your future wife, but will also be a life- saver during unpredicted situations.

Organize your finances

Having a clear idea of what your finance status is will be great for you for many reasons, including being a more organized person in many other aspects. So, no matter how badly you screwed up until now, your bank balance should start looking better as soon as possible. Plus, once you put your own finances in order you will also have an idea of how to manage your money with your spouse; establishing terms regarding the way you both will deal with your finances as a married couple is another good lesson you can learn from organizing your own money first.

Follow what gives you passion

It will be important for you as a single man to discover what your passions in life are, and of course spend time on following them before get marry. Why? First and foremost, let me tell you that getting married does not mean you will not be able to keep on following your passions, but it will be better to know them in anticipation and thus you can create a connection between your future life as a married man and what you really want to do after work, married life and kids.

What every man should do before get married

Deal with a heart broken

Yes, you already read it on the tips I shared with a future husband and it might actually sound cliché, but it is true. Getting your heart broken teaches you (the hard way) what you and your ex-partner did wrong, and therefore you can prevent your current relationship to fall in the same mistakes. When you suffer a major heartbreak, you let a stronger woman come out of that difficult experience; moreover, you learn that we should never take love for granted.

Experiment a blind/ online dating

Go on a blind or online date that allows yourself to learn how to take credit for all of your strengths and overall greatness. In my opinion, this is just one of the coolest things every woman should do at least once.

Know what turns you on

It is completely ok to have some help IDing your hot spots, so playing around with a vibrator or having intimate fantasies contributes to realize what turns you own, like a trial and error experience. In addition, experimenting with different types of sexual partners will help you to decide what you like best on the bed field and most importantly, once you figure out what turns you on will make it easier for you to tell your guy what it is that you want, men do appreciate this fact.

Experience a life you enjoy without a partner

Create a life you really like and enjoy without your significant other by your side, this way you keep yourself grounded and you will not be dependent on your partner, but instead you will share your life with someone who loves you and also loves your passions as well as your independence.

But! make space and time in your life for a lifetime relationship

To my mind, there is nothing more appealing in a woman than her great attitude when she is alone but not lonely. As women who enjoy our time alone it is a complete learning experience to taking ourselves to dinner on Fridays, or know how to have fun in those moments when we are alone at home. However, making room for someone else in your life goes a long way on being more likely to find that person who falls into place. This also applies when you already have found your significant other, make sure you invest enough time and dedication into your relationship with him.

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