Pregnant! What to do?

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While the baby is inside the belly, a part of his psychology and his body forms. Everything that the mother lives is an act reflecting the health of her child in the future.

Yes, a desired pregnancy is a symbol of joy and so, even if you do not want to be-almost always. But in spite of the circumstances many of these situations derive in a physical or mental discomfort.

These two branches become a fundamental part, the physical changes that obviously occur in the mother coupled with psychological and social environments can cause stress during pregnancy.

Cortisol and catecholamine, which are known as stress mediators, are triggered in the mother’s brain just when the mother is in danger. This is good in short-term situations because they work with the body to stay alert. But when the exposure expands a little more than due, these consequences tend to become negative for both the mother and the child.

The bad part of the nerves

In principle, never too much stress is good, either before or during or after pregnancy. When the mother should be happier all the factors are set against. It is necessary to try to prevent tension situations because when suffering from stress the mother can experience permanent tiredness, insomnia, palpitations, increase in blood pressure, contracture or depression, in addition to the occurrences of exogenous infections or of the skin recurrently.

Beware of growth

Among the most recent studies, it has been discovered that excess stress triggers pre-eclampsia, a medical complication of pregnancy associated with hypertension which causes high levels of protein in the urine. This hypertension makes it difficult for the fetus to be nourished normally, directly influencing the retardation of the creature’s growth.

During the different stages of pregnancy, stress could influence the baby’s immunity, increasing the likelihood of future aspirational or dermal bronchial diseases.

Goodbye to the plans

If everything is already scheduled for delivery, stress can complicate your plans. If the mother is exposed too much, the child may leave early and lead to a premature delivery, ie before 37 weeks of gestation.

Fight Stress

We know how damaging it can be to pregnancy is for them that it is important that you take into account some recommendations.

Avoid exposing yourself to demanding situations. Commit to things that can no longer be solved, whether at home, at work, or at school. If that is the case, it is necessary that you ask for help to those people that you create closer in your environment so that the weight you carry on your shoulders, impossible to solve, is not such a heavy burden.

Healthy baby in corpore sano

The best thing for a normal development of the baby’s growth and to bring to par a life without stress is to take care of the body. It leads a healthy life, with a good diet, physical activity could avoid fatigue. It is important to remember not to smoke or to avoid the exaggerated consumption of infusions that contain caffeine.

It is best to stay calm

Sufficient time must be taken to relax both body and mind. That is why certain techniques are needed that control the high levels of stress:

Lie on the left side with a pillow resting on the abdomen

Rest in a quiet room without a phone

According to technical studies of meditation and guided mental images lead to relaxation in the spaces that are dreamed.

Today there are techniques that help the mother’s flexibility during pregnancy, which contributes to relaxation during childbirth. To this can be added short or long walks depending on the state of pregnancy or a routine of swimming.

Some of the relaxation techniques used in the course of psychoprophylaxis for childbirth can also be implemented during stress.

It’s all breathing. Make it slow and even, from the stomach and never from the chest.


Laughter releases endorphins, neurotransmitters of the nervous system, which keeps you in a situation of pleasure. What will possibly free you from all that overwhelms you and whose perception of reality will be lighter. So connect with the mood.

Improve everyday life

Physical activity tips

In principle, it is advisable to consult the obstetrician what activities or can not do. In cases of stress, exercise is beneficial because it increases psychological well-being, reducing anxiety, depression and insomnia and creates healthy lifestyle habits.
Walking from 20 to 30 minutes a day, reaching a maximum of 1 hour could release loads.


A problem that always affects your communication with your partner, is the constant change of mood, tell them that these transitions are normal so that I can understand the situation and be the most flexible with you.

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