Read why Millennials can actually avoid burnout

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As Millennials, we have probably been the most scrutinized generation in history. From being entitled as lazy people to the greatest generation of all times and everything in between, it is accurate to admit that the most suitable word that best describes our generation is unprecedented. Focusing on the work aspect, as a new generation of employees and management positions, Millennials are bringing with us a new perspective; it is not a coincidence the U.S. Labor Force by Generation has surveyed that today over 53 million Millennials are working in the United States, this basically means that more than one third of the gainfully employed is between 20 and 36 years old.

Millennial generation will represent nearly 75 percent of the workforce by 2030Most of the millennial generation members strive to make notice their desire to shape the place where they work; making a contribution that directly plays a beneficial role in society. On the other hand, this generation is working so hard that they are experiencing burnout very quickly; having said this, I wonder if it is possible for us – the Y- generation- to keep achieving career goals as successfully as possible, making it possible to avoid this apparently inevitable syndrome called “burnout”. I would like to believe that it is conceivable to accomplish such task. I have compiled a list of some useful tips that we as Millennials should have in mind and practice, in order to keep burnout as far away as possible, after all it is all about attitude…isn’t?

Give yourself time & write a manifesto

As Millennial you have probably get used to have immediate gratification on anything you do, so when you do not receive it you might feel anxious or salved away for nothing. This type of feeling can actually make you feel you are forgetting what you want out of life, because if we are not comfortable at our workplace, it is easy to lose track of time or forget about what makes us worthy in life. In order to avoid this factor that can lead you to burnout, allow yourself time to reach lofty goals; for instance you can look around at upper- level employees within the company, and ask them where they started as well as how long it took them to get there. Once you have this information, you can plan your workday based on realistic timelines for your goals, this totally will help you not to become burned out faster in your career. Another great idea might be to take a day or perhaps a complete weekend, write a manifesto for yourself where you declare your purposes; in this way you will be more focused, you put your intentions on paper and so you will find out that sometimes stepping back and looking at your life as a whole can actually benefit you, because you can have an idea about the stresses of the moment and then you will put them into perspective.

Stop multitasking, ask for help

It is certainly true that due to all of you knowledge about technology, trend of any sort and full social media management you feel a very efficient human being; however pretending to perform all of the tasks you have asked to, actually is making you slowing down and adding unneeded stress to your life. Stress and confusion of switching back and forth between daily tasks often causes frustration, thus burnout increases. You can also ask for help if something is dragging you down, this could be difficult for a resourceful I’ll do it on my own Millennial type but believe me, it would be worth the fact of admitting that you cannot do accomplish some tasks on your own; if your intention is to avoid burnout, then you need to swallow your pride on occasion and reach out for help.

It is ok turn off technology

Oftentimes Millennials are taken as a community that is on all the time, that is what today’s culture has made employers to expect. This is why it is very important for you to set limits with your boss, co- workers or clients. In case you do not want to completely turn off your phone, at least turn off notifications for new emails or aspects related to work. You are the only responsible to create a work- life balance, that allows you time to enjoy of that life you have outside work; otherwise you will end up leaving your job and burn out.

Millennial generation will represent nearly 75 percent of the workforce by 2030, this number leads to think that in order to have workers performing at their very best, and organizations must create the most Millennial friendly workplace. In addition, you need to know that avoiding burnout is something that requires both constant vigilance and maintenance; do whatever it takes not to be a victim of such terrible syndrome, there are many ways to raise to the top of the corporate ladder. And you do not necessarily need to experiment burnout at your workplace.

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