Stay positive! tips to keep you motivated during unemployment

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According with surveys provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics Data, the US Unemployment Rate rose to 4.08 percent in January 2017, this expresses why the number of unemployed people was almost unchanged at 7.6 million. Although these statistics might make you feel that you are not the only one facing an unemployment status, I know this situation worries you and to say the least, sometimes depression is the most common symptom people experience.

best ways to keep you motivated during your unemployment timeSupposing you got fired, laid off or just quit because you realized you were giving your very best and that company where you used to work just did not recognize any of your efforts, your current situation is that you are unemployed thus, there are two ways of deal with this issue. You can let your spirit broke, get too down on yourself and have hopelessness feelings that will only address a negative in both your health and relationships. Or you can rather see this difficult time of your life as an opportunity to cultivate your positivity, find some motivation on spending time to create and execute projects for yourself while you do your job haunting, sooner or later a new as well as better job will come to you and you will perform it at your best, because you kept focused on learning and growing during that momentary difficult time of your life. The following are the best ways I found for you to keep motivated during your unemployment time, I would like to share them with you and know if any of them was really helpful for you.

Schedule Your Day as you Used To

Unemployment does not necessarily mean you have to fall into that tendency of watching TV all day long, staying on your bed, hanging out with friend and go home late at night to sleep the entire day; these habits will only lead you to lose your sense of purpose and direction. Getting out of bed early to have breakfast and be ready to start another day still applies, even though you are not precisely to your workplace. By keeping your regular routine, you make a huge effort to start up your day with a positive attitude, which can be applied on a few hours of job haunting (sending out your CV, updating your portfolio), navigating on social media in order to make new connections, or thinking of all those skills that make you an excellent person, they will contribute setting both your personal and professional goals.

Be Patient & Kind to Yourself

Sadness, frustration, anger and loneliness are just some of the many feelings you can experience during an unemployment time; but is your will to be open and honest about this not only with your loved ones, but with yourself what allows others to offer helping you, understand and be patient with you. Circumstances you are in have to become into challenges for you, but you need to stay strong from inside to face them; get a good night’s sleep, eat right and keep repeating to yourself how wonderful you are, and how great job opportunity you deserve.

Stay Physically & Mentally Active

When people are unemployed, it is very easy for them to let their health and fitness behind and start snacking at all for hours during day and night. In case you have fallen in these bad habits, then it is time to stop and make changes regarding this attitude you have adopted; going to the gym, jogging or even short walks in your neighborhood are just some of the different ways you can boost your energy and happiness, this immediately will turn into feeling more confident in succeeding at your job haunt.

Turn Into a Volunteer

You might or might know it but there are a considerable number of employers or managers who take into consideration candidates that have offered as volunteers at something, thus this can make you more marketable. The fact you volunteer for something expresses that, while you are contributing to a good cause, you let everyone knows you potential as a skillful and great employee. You are basically showing that you are passionate about your tasks and care about others; this makes you a person with character and integrity.

It is totally fair that under whatever reasons for unemployment, people struggle to stay motivated and instead feel like they are crawling back; however for the sake of your career and health, keep it positive is vital as a depressed person will never attract hirers or great job opportunities. Furthermore, remaining in a negative attitude because you are currently unemployed will directly influence your physical and mental health, depression, weight gain and eve loss of social connection can become regular habits and this is something you do not need in your life.

The best piece of advice I would like to offer you, is taking small but significant steps into action; focus this time of your life to become a better, healthier person who will be ready to rejoin the workplace with a renewed vigor. Moreover, in case you feel this tough period of your life is too overwhelming for you, then a good idea is to seek professional counseling that helps you overcome issues like depression or addiction. Remember, everybody struggles with problems and so you do not have to go through yours alone.

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