The job dismissal. How to untie without pain?

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When we end up with someone on either the job or personal level, it is often thought that someone always loses. Maybe it’s just the pain of loss. Many times the account of the pain of losing a job and the security status depends not only on dismissal but on how it was done.

Psychologically, many of the things that happen in life are usually marked by the most transcendental facts, especially if they are painful. In the curve of memory we are impregnated more from the really traumatic, so much so that they are difficult to forget if they are not done well.

And doing it right does not mean that a person should not be fired, whatever their circumstance of origin. Firing when you are on the side that executes it has to seem like a natural matter so that the aggrieved person does not feel a frustration that can somehow affect the company in the future.

Most of the time, people usually demonize dismissal but more than that, are the ways in which they were done so we would have to rethink the way human resources departments or the bosses themselves should do so as not to hurt the other .

It is well known that even Steve Jobs himself was fired from his company and came back stronger than ever to make his emporium a great consortium. Do not create illusions that that is what possibly will happen but perhaps, in any case, it is better not to become the victim when it is you who have to fire you. Doing so in a humanized way will serve so that the person who will no longer be part of your cause can rise more quickly in any circumstance.

If there is a justified cause, one must be able to go straight to the heart of the matter, without other factors being seen as a matter of reconfirmation towards the employee.

Some cases to talk:

  1. Many times the dismissal is usually dehumanized, only as a bureaucratic act that is usually worse for the dismissed as there are many doubts in the air.
  2. Related to the above, the boss must actively participate in the dismissal process. To be sure is part of their responsibility and work and nobody else knows the skills of his payroll like him to have criteria on the arguments to give.
  3. Do not leave others responsible for firing
  4. Do not leave loose ends when the whole process should be correct.
  5. It might sound weird, but every layoff should be unique. Making it generalized may be rare.
  6. Whatever the circumstances, the dismissed person must be humanized and not think that you are the enemy.
  7. If it is your job to fire, do not become the victim, you will remain in your job.

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