These morning routine tips relieve anxiety & you only need a few minutes of your time

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Worrying about things is part of our human nature, and so it is inevitably not to come up with statements that produce anxiety or stress. However, there are certain steps you can take to change your thoughts, thus you calm your brain and relax your body; and what a better way to achieve this than doing it from the very beginning of your day? The following are some simple yet effective tips you could include into your morning routine, in order to tackle unnecessary anxiety.

Get a good night’s sleep

No, I did not make a mistake with this tip; I know this post is about morning routine tips to relieve your anxiety levels, but believe when I stand that a great and brand new day start with a good night’s sleep. Inconsistent sleep affects our physical health, as well as contributes to anxiety and stress; so don’t let a bad night of rest turns into a habit that leads you to a vicious cycle that disrupts your sleep, strive to achieve from six to eight hours of sweet slumber, and start noticing how your anxiety levels decrease throughout of your day.

Invest 15 minutes to do flexible exercises or a low- impact workout

Many people tend to use big and almost convincible excuses for not eating healthier, exercising or taking part in activities that contribute to reduce their anxiety or stress levels; not having enough time is one of them. However, 15 minutes is a very reasonable amount of time that can fit in with any lifestyle, thus you can include into your daily goals and so you can start from it to make small but significant changes. Does it really work? Yes! Since your stress hormones may be already high than they should be, because of your anxiety, a high impact workout or even a normal one might increase it further. But, a flexible exercise routine of 15 minutes will be so brief that your body will have the chance to normalize your stress hormones (adrenaline and cortisol), therefore you will experiment a calming and positive effect that allows you to align both your body and mind.

Invest 10 minutes to meditate or do a calming breathing

Among some other ways to start my day, I do love meditating very early in the morning; a calming breathing and meditation are perfect at stopping anxiety in its tracks. A deep diaphragmatic breathing will be such a powerful anxiety- reducing technique, which will activate your body’s relaxation response because oxygen goes to the brain and to your cells. Moreover, scientists have also discovered that meditation increases the amount of grey matter in our brains; this essentially means that with this morning habit you are rewiring your body to stress less. Meditation has many great and positive effects on managing and controlling not only anxiety but also mood and stress symptoms, so I totally encourage you to include it into your daily routine.

Take your time to plan your day beforehand

Oftentimes anxiety takes over due to the fact that people do not have clear ideas or purposes for the day they have ahead. This is why it will be an awesome habit if you strive to fight those anxious thoughts in advance, you can achieve this by just preparing your day ahead; a to-do list or a schedule based on the activities you need to accomplish are great ways to increase productivity. Think of what clothes you are going to wear the night before and lay out your garments, make lunch ahead of time; the idea is to focus on how to avoid anxiety, so create productive habits and beliefs by prepping they pop up.

Visualize positive

A new day offers you the opportunity to build yourself up once again, and allows you to rediscover what makes you feel awesome every day. In order to keep anxieties or insecurities away, create a list with positive contents that work for you handy or take a moment of your early morning to visualize yourself handling a stressful situation with calm, ease and clarity. Remember, anxiety won’t be dangerous unless you let it make you feel so uncomfortable that you end up experiencing really negative thoughts; replace those negative statements which are trying to make you have an awful day, with positive affirmations that can also contribute to build your self-esteem, this is a really nice thing to do first in the morning.

Make a relaxing playlist

Once you have taken your time to meditate and start your day with a deep and calming breathing technique, it is time to stretch your body with a good series of exercises that will definitely boost your energy, so why don’t you create a an uplifting playlist that suitably complements such a healthy habit? Music in the morning can work wonders for you while you are doing your flexibility exercises. And then you can play a little bit more music while you are getting ready to start a new day; sing along and dance out all of the negative energy you might be surrounded by with your favorite songs compiled in a relaxing playlist.

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