Things every woman should do before turning 40

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To my mind, turning 40 is a major achievement that does not necessarily involve you are getting older but interesting (just like a fine wine). At this point of your life, you are more than able to grow further and get inspiration to continue to live your life to the fullest. The following are some of the things you should do before you turn 40, perhaps you can experiment your life better after following any of them.

Create a love and acceptance relationship with yourself

Creating a relationship of this type while you are younger can be a complete challenge, however accepting both the good and bad parts of yourself can prevent you from taking wrong decisions in your life. Take time to know who you really are inside; this way you will start accepting and loving yourself fully. Once you know, love and accept yourself you will also be able to be tolerant with others, this gives you the opportunity of enjoy healthy relationships that will be constantly teaching you great aspect of life. It might be a little bit difficult to determine when to start building up this relationship with yourself, but I just want you to be sure of making a place for yourself in this world that can be so stressful sometimes, begin to know and enjoy of yourself, don’t wait until it is too late.

Push your limits

This may be such a powerful experience for you to live before you turn 40 as it can force you to push yourself not only physically but also mentally; and the reward will probably be a great memory you will keep for the rest of your life. Do not expect life to be predictable or stable, today is a good opportunity to enhance challenges that allow you to handle your life better, so embrace the idea of change and grow with every challenging experience you live; run a marathon, go scuba diving, climb a tall mountain or do a long distance bike race, strive to make whatever it takes to better suit and accept what comes your way.

Take good care of your body

I hope that working out is already a well- formed habit you has made your own, but in case you haven’t start I would like to encourage you to be that woman no one can guess her age because you take good care of your body. Give yoga a try, and exercise your muscles at least once a week because this is another way to live for you, with this I do not mean that you should become a selfish person but when you spend too much time taking care of everyone, then you end up having no time for yourself. It is about starting to make better decisions, putting yourself first and understanding that you cannot make everyone happy and thus, exercising your body is a good alternative to enjoy even more your life.

Learn that “no” is a full complete sentence

This is similar to what I mentioned in the previous lines, you may have a difficult time saying no to people who want you to do something for them. However, it is important for you to understand that you do not have to say yes to everyone or everything; most importantly, you do not need to give too many reasons or explanations to others. “No” is a complete sentence and you do not have to justify why you cannot make it to an event, or why you are not able to do something for someone; it is incredible how easier is to make decisions for yourself once you learn to say “no”.

Go volunteering

Giving back more is another thing you should consider in order to happily turn 40 years old. You can simply spend a day sorting donations, or taking a whole summer abroad helping at feeding poor people; volunteering broaden your outlook on the rest of the world, or life in general. Additionally, helping others is another way to know yourself, when you give part of your time to something for someone else you truly get to know how you really are as a person, volunteering keeps you grounded and thankful for what you have and this is so rewarding!

Learn forgiveness

This applies not only forgiving others but also yourself. It is time to stop living your life with a bitter or angry attitude just because you cannot avoid putting the blame on someone for every bad experience you had in the past. Let go of any past grievances caused by others, and also forgive yourself for all of those mistakes you have made along the way; this will only hold you back from happiness. And as I know this is not an easy change you need to make, take your time to forgive and be able to work through it, I encourage you to let go past events that could hurt you and give yourself the chance to experience freedom.

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