Things you will be really aware of in your 30s

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You will be successful in life only if you surround yourself with successful peopleCaring for others is one of the most important ways people can develop into a great human being. When you are able to put yourself into another person’s shoes, then you will find out the right way to be compassionate towards others. I am not 30 years old yet, but lately I have been thinking a lot about certain aspects of life, like that constant chase for beauty, status or owning stuff; we do not realize that this might make us get stuck in situations we end up disliking. However, I do believe it is never too late to restructure our lives, no matter what age we are reshuffle how we live, how we prioritize matters and how we contribute will definitely make us enjoy even more those precious moments we are blessed with and that sometimes we cannot recognize.

There are a lot of things that you should preferably accomplish before you turn 30, but let’s suppose you have not achieve some of them; then strive to reach certain goals before you lack of energy, time or freedom to do so. I have enlisted a couple of interesting facts you will be really aware of in your 30s, and I would like you to reflect on them, in case you miss any of them I encourage you to follow Nike’s slogan: “just do it”.

No matter under what situation or subject, there’ll be always something to learn from

They say that awareness is the most precious freedom anyone can reach, and so it is crucial to avoid falling back into a trance- like state that our current tiring world offers. Once you turn 30 years, you realize that pretending you know everything in life is obviously a failed way to live your life; this is why it will be very important for you to be a person who constantly looks for new things to learn, and remember to be willing to let go any notion that does not work for you.

You will be successful in life only if you surround yourself with successful people

It is certainly true that you must shape your considerations and thoughts before living your ideas. Your ideas need to be sunk into your subconscious, in order to be performed in your life; so when things are not going that well in your life, it will be helpful to sit down and write out all those thoughts and considerations about those things you are having problems with. The most important thing you need to do is to get rid of the ones that are holding you back, strive to land your dream job or that project where you project yourself in the future, make sure you will all you can in order to successfully secure it.

You are the only responsible person in every action you take in your life, and every circumstance your life is in

This might sound familiar to you, and I cannot finish writing this post without mentioning that the only person who will is going to take responsibility to ensure your life works out the way you want is YOU. Sure, your mom, spouse, children or anyone who cares about you will always want your life to work out but once again, you are must be the one who makes all of the decisions that drive your life.

It is all about “trying to figure it all out”

In my opinion, we do not need to intend to promulgate our views or opinions as some sort of maxims by which others should live their lives. It is not a secret that what works for me, do not necessarily work for you thus sometimes it is just a matter of trying to figure it all out.

Life will be plenty of challenges, that’s for sure. What we need to learn throughout our lives is to confront them, learn from them and most importantly, strive to carry on with our life. Someone told me once: “when you deeply realize that you need to grow up as an adult, you will realize that you are not the center of the universe, but only one ingredient in a large recipe”. These words made me reflect on the fact that oftentimes it is difficult to think of the world from a perspective that is different from our own; we are always worried about what is going on in our lives, strongly aware of everything connected to our lives, but the truth is that we are only part in a much larger sphere. I really appreciate that person let me know this information that for me is vital, before I turn 30 years old. Sometimes we need wisdom people share their experiences with us, and save us from sleepless nights.

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