Tips to be respected at work when you are a young professional

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Workforce has significantly grown over the last 10 years, and the main characters are young professionals who can be easily distinguished in most workplaces. There is a survey provided by the U. S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) which has shown that , this clearly reflects how diverse is our workforce these days if compared with previous generations. To be more specific, you have probably heard about millennials, the up and coming generation that is revolutionizing over half of the workplace in Canada and the United States.

more than 15.7 million workers between the ages of 20 and 34 are employed whether in professional or technical occupationsThis generation (the one I belong to) is often perceived as a negative impact in the workplace where they develop their tasks, the reasons? Well, maybe this is due to the fact that when you are a young professional, you are basically at a different time in your life than many of your co- workers; this might let them think that you lack of professional experience that obviously comes with years of working. These misconceptions can be taken as challenges that I am more than sure you are able to beat; you just need to focus on building a strong professional reputation and network that proves you can gain respect from any of your colleagues. To show you are not alone in this difficult task, the one that many of us as young professional have to face every day, I have enlisted interesting tips for you to gain more respect at work. You might find them useful and so if you decide to apply them, you will certainly be taken seriously at your workplace.

Before Asking for Respect, Earn it

We all know that respect is not something you automatically receive, it takes time to earn it and so you have to be aware that in order to be respected by your colleagues, you must first show why you are worth it through your daily achievements at work. In other words, more than assuming a bigheaded attitude that puts off a lot of your coworkers, perform at your very best in each assignment you have; this will be best way to earn respect as a young professional.

Take Yourself Seriously

If you want everyone at work takes you seriously, then you have to do it first. It is all about confidence, and it goes a long way in the working world. If you do not believe you are qualified for the job, no one will believe it so “fake it ’til you make it” and you will start noticing how great your work is and how much you can improve it. Taking yourself seriously at the workplace directly influences your confidence, and looking like you have all the answers is an excellent way to earn more experience.

Get Dressed to Impress

Unlike what many people think of us (lazy and unable to fit in an organizational structure), strive to add professional clothing pieces to your wardrobe; what I am trying to say is to include small changes that make your mature vibe shows up. My suggestions for women are: a tighter up-do with your hair (youtube tutorials can help!), subtle lipstick shade, and mid- high heels just to give you some ideas. On the other hand, for men I would suggest a well-groomed facial hair (youtube tutorials can help here too!), fitted dress shirts and a good watch. Remember that the idea is keeping your freshness and young style, it is only about adding professional touches to your appearance.

Take Advantage of Your Youth

I have already mentioned that for many of your coworkers, your age reflects a lack of experience or even immaturity. Well, I do believe being a young professional can be an asset to us; when we are new to the professional field we have the opportunity to both, keep learning from others’ work experiences as well as bring our fresh ideas to the organization. It is not all bad, and not everybody sees you as a lazy young kid who is just pretending that knows what he/she does. Actually, some of your colleagues will perceive you as a new member of the work team who have been in school more recently than they, and they will agree on the fact that a good company always needs to evolve with the times. Take advantage of your youth, feel free to respectfully ask questions about the old working ways, show your brand new perspectives and experience how quickly your coworkers forget about doubts related to your age.

As young professionals, we are sweeping old statements and a large number of generalizations that have been made about our generation, just as previous generations did. We need to be seen more as the fresh face of the organization than the immature college grads; the right attitude to achieve this is the one where you do not need to step on anyone’s toes to be taking into account in the company. Ok, our seasoned counterparts will probably doubt about our professional skills just because of the culture we have grown up; however, it is in our hands to show that growing up in the culture of video games, Internet, iPods, Twitter and Instagram can actually be a way to contribute to the company’s evolution in these constantly digital and changing ages. In fact, we are a multitasking generation and we have to feel proud of it, so I would recommend you to show how much you worth by working not only to be recognized as a company’s employee, but also to be respected as a valuable member of your work team.

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