To say with intelligence … emotional

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Almost all roads lead to only one side and in this case, apparently it may be emotional intelligence. Many doubt their existence and perhaps it is these people who suffer most do not have it.

For those who have a certain interest in emotional intelligence, you have to be accountable and several years ago. In terms for everyone, it is simply the easy resolution of cognitive problems today.

However, Edward L Thorndike, in 1920, coined the term emotional intelligence to describe the ability to understand and motivate other people whatever the case may be. On the other hand, it was also possible to observe to this phenomenon the great influence of factors that did not necessarily correspond to the intellect and how that repercussion in the people.

Not to become a center of the universe

In contemporary times the presence of emotional intelligence is very important, especially when everything is usually so competitive. To ascend is not enough to be the brain or mouse of library that hides behind the computer. It is also necessary to know how to connect with others. Clearly, even more so in situations where dealing with the public is necessary.

Many people might ask what is the importance of it, with just going to work is enough, but no, it is not. Do not sell what is not shown.

Like any situation of relationships, jobs conceive of the interrelation of individuals being prioritized because this improves the synergy of the team and therefore the work that starts from it. With this attitude it is achieved, or at least it is observed, that the superiors knew to find in their employees a family that fights for the objective.

Having great emotional intelligence denotes in others an excellence that does not, on the one hand, overwhelming work and, on the other, reveals that empathy with others is a reflection of what the worker can do with his company.

The act of interacting is the way of understanding also that that affable and deferential behavior is a great help for the business that is from a person’s vision as well.

In everything, as we used to learn in the first levels, the key to owning or molding emotional intelligence is communication. By establishing bridges with it, you can improve the way for those who do not have a great connection with their emotions.

Therefore, it is necessary to know how to carry it and, in communication with colleagues, four key pillars are important in relation to communication. They strengthen the work space both inside and outside.

In principle, we must start releasing everything that disturbs us, which can create some resentment in our work process and work environment. Outsourcing using the correct keywords and signals guarantees a successful welding.

With this, we start to handle other things that we did not see before and that over time will give us security in ourselves, not only for the walls of the office but in our life in general. Be assertive.

Not to become a center of the universe but to take into consideration the opinions of others is a ponderous pondering around understanding what they want and thus facilitates in the future what they can offer us as well.

On the other hand, the sum of being assertive, communicative and listening clears the doubt of an equation that very few know how to handle and is knowing how to say things when everything is wrong.

Knowing how to make a good critique is something that is not the same for everyone and the communication of knowing how to be with other people is achieved, perhaps not the most perfect, but if the most bearable way.

Everything fits in a word, an almost historical fact, to know how to say but also to listen.

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