Topics you should not talk in the office

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Imprudence. When we refer to this word it seems that it is something very alien to us, something that will never touch us. However, every day we are too exposed to fall back and forth in it, especially in the place where we spend most of our time: the office.

Our colleagues’ confidence in us makes us fall into practices that are not seen at all in our work environment. Not only how we behave, but also what we say and how we express it. There are certain issues that we should avoid in our working hours, not only because they are unpleasant but because everyone does not like to know about your hardships. Health, money, goals or problems are just some things that we must keep quiet so as not to generate controversy or conflict.

Health: As confident as you can be with your colleagues, no one wants to hear about health when they are in decline. Why? Because in the first term nobody wants to get sick and to cure themselves they will go away. No one wants to feel unproductive.

The appearance of the other: People do not like to be misjudged by something they have previously chosen to show. Not only because, although you are right, you may be wrong for them but may send the wrong signals, but to speak only of clothing could denote a bodily intention that is not well seen in all places.

Money and salary: Usually talking about money is always a conflict and even more so where everyone acts to compete for a position or whatever. Nobody wants to feel inferior to the other and in economic terms much less, if your salary is lower in the office but your economic life outside of it is stable it will create gaps of envy, also you can create some controversy to think that person that you know is being Better paid than you, even if you do a better job. It is a double-edged sword.

Problems: When you recurrently start talking about your situation outside the office (family, friends, girlfriend, girlfriend) an alert is generated. Not only because your problems distract others and no one wants to ruin all their work. On the other hand, if you are in a supervisory position, you will not be paying attention to those workers who are not doing their job well but rather paying attention to you.

Trash talk: This creates mistrust. Just as you can talk about others with your closest comrades, they may also think you talk about them like that. What does not make you a person to trust neither work nor his stories.

There are so many issues that we could talk about sports, news, shows, family (in a good way) and save us those uncomfortable places when there is a lot of silence after we say a sentence. The office, as we said before, is the place where you spend most of your time why make that place an uncomfortable place? Nothing to see.

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