Until death do them apart, pros & cons of working with your spouse

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Marriage is a bond you cannot compare with something else, once you are married you achieve a life partner, a teammate you can move through the challenges of life with. Furthermore, marriage is more than a physical union, it is the beginning of a life- long commitment where spiritual and emotional beliefs join in to start a family together. I do believe that life is even more boosted when our experiences are shared with another person, who has similar interests as well as concerns, and loves you. This business partnership we call marriage has been part of human culture for thousands of years, and is celebrated in almost all cultures and religions.

Until death do them apart, pros & cons of working with your spouseNowadays it is very common for couples to work together in the same office or even run their own business and when it comes to this subject, there are plenty of opinions from all perspectives. There are people who advise not to work with spouse as with entrepreneurial success come great headaches, there are some others who consider that even though it is a challenge for any married couple, maintaining a balance at both home and work is absolutely possible. I rather believe that marriages and careers can range from being extremely fulfilling and challenging but when the two are combined, these aspects can increase exponentially and result into a successful experience. The following is an interesting list that compiles some pros and cons of working with your spouse.

Pros of Working with Your Spouse

Since stress is a very common element at the workplace, dealing with it together will increase your and your spouse stress’ resistance. There are actually some researches which have shown that couples who work together are noticeably more resilient when it comes to face work stress. This is due to the support you both offer to each other, which helps cope those difficult moments at work; your spouse will be very helpful at helping you navigate challenging job situations.

A regular workday goes from 8 to 10 hours, so working with your significant other can be a great way to spend more time together while achieving successful goals regarding your work or own business. Spending time with your spouse at the workplace scenario allows you to plan and achieve similar goals and values for instance, raising a family and running a business. Moreover, the time you spend together during the entire day also helps you build a stronger intimacy bond in your marriage.

When you work with your soul-mate, your engagement sense whether for work or life outside work gets higher, because both of you become more integrated to your work and family roles; thus alienation risk in any of those scenarios is really lower.

Married couples should also be best friends, and as you might know friends do not agree on everything all the time. Working with your significant other does not necessarily mean that you need to have the same point of views, this actually is interesting as at the office or in business matters opposite traits are ideal ways to manage work, there are gaps or weaknesses your spouse has that can perfectly match with your strengths, and vice versa.

Cons of Working with Your Spouse

There are many great pros when your work with your husband or wife, however some downsides may show up in the picture if you decide to work with your romantic partner. One of them is caused by stress, that negative factor in many workplaces which can come into your home after a long workday. A good example to explain such a con might be when you and your spouse have disagreement at the workplace and you continue arguing at home, the obvious consequence is that it can strain your personal relationship to a great extent.

When your work with your other half sometimes it is easy to fall into personal space invasion, this means, you do not have breaks from one another and thus everything you do, talk or breathe is about work. You make that common mistake of letting too much time together negatively impacts the quality of time spent.

A power battle can be created when you and your soul-mate work at the same place or run the same business. Even though it is not a proper battle, is something you struggle with as a competitive spirit can take over; you see how your spouse succeeds and a sudden envy feeling arouses therefore you want to compete with him or her. This con can certainly have a negative effect on your marriage.

I am not married yet, and even though I lack of experience in this field I think that as long as married couples create excellent dynamics in their relationship and are able to collaborate on both life’s matters and work, they can unquestionably have experiences of a lifetime that lead them to accomplish a harmonious marriage.




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