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Did you already ask to yourself what are you doing to accomplish your goals? When you hear the word “success”, what is the first thing that comes to mind? As you might know it, success is a subjective perception, this means that succeeding in life will be different to every person; there are people who want to achieve beauty, academic or professional goals, in order to feel successful. In any case, it is important to understand that it will always be our responsibility to define what success means for us, as well as knowing how we go about breeding success in our lives.
Did you already ask to yourself what are you doing to accomplish your goals?Assuming success from the scientific field, according to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, people cannot be their best versions possible until their lower need are met first. Based on this, you essentially cannot be that ideal person if you do not have enough food and money to pay bills, as well as enough love or esteem to feel good about your value as a human being; after analyzing this for a while, I ended up thinking that we all need to do whatever it takes to move ourselves up this pyramid. You might find several tips or key information that will lead you to create your own success in life conception, but today I would like to share with you some negative habits or obstacles that are keeping you away from taking control over really important situations in your life, stop doing them and become that successful person you have always wanted to be.

Stop Making Excuses

You will need to stop putting the blame on others if you really want to be successful in your life. When you refuse to accept responsibility for your mistakes, you have no idea on how far away you put yourself from achieving goals that can lead you to success. Understanding that your choices are their results, positive or negative, are your responsibility so it is time to stop justifying your mistakes with poor excuses, and instead face the fact that you are going to fail, you will make mistakes: however the most important you need to do is looking within, without being too though to yourself but figuring out what is in your hands to do it better next time.

Stop Equating Money with Success

“Money won’t buy your happiness” is an old mantra that many people, especially business ones do not believe in, but it is necessary for you to understand that money is not the primary measure of success. You rather focus on proving a great service on whatever you do at work, building a strong confidence and thus, inspiring others on your team, family or social circle; change those thoughts and discover plenty of ways to measure success, without thinking of money as the perfect metric to achieve it.

Stop Avoiding a Growth Mindset

The way you view your personality affects your capacity for happiness and success; and so if you refuse to modify that “fixed mindset” you have where you believe your character, intelligence or creativity are unchangeable, then let me tell you that this will have a big negative impact on your way to succeed. Striving for a growth mindset can actually allow you to see an opportunity to embrace challenges and grow, where others only see failure; a growth mindset will also make you learn from criticism, and thus you can reach higher levels when it comes to achievements.
Stop Being Ungrateful
Contentment goes a long way in being a complete successful person; this is why it is important to establish a strong and true satisfaction status. Gratitude leads to both, happiness and success; so if you are grateful for every single achievement you have accomplished in your journey, you will definitely have a less complicated time, trying to attain wealth and instead being more focus on reaching your goals.

Stop Getting Distracted

Even though sometimes life takes you on a course you were not expecting, you cannot allow those things distract you from realizing your goals. Avoid distractions that will only become obstacles on your pursuit to reach your passions, goals and dreams. Start up by your daily life, social networks, TV or funny e- mails are often necessary to have a good time during a stressful and long day, however remember they can also prevent you from work on what is needed to be done, on order to finish a successful day.

They say success has its basis on working toward your goals; it is up you let disruptions hinder them. On the other hand, knowing what matters the most for you is crucial in becoming a successful person; do not float purposelessly on a sea where possibilities are vast! Establish well- defined boundaries, be aware of where they end and others begin, it is never too late to change or stop doing things that keep you away from commit with your visions to succeed.



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