We are moments! Are there key tips to happiness?

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In a world where most people are always in an endless rush trying to accomplish their day to day activities, they forget about experiencing a life that not only allows them to live in the moment, but also that makes them focus in living it with a clear purpose. Over the years, there have been many people who have looked for a definition of happiness that helps them to achieve it; philosophy, grandmotherly wisdom and even religion were some of the theories they tried to find explanations however in recent decades, scientific research has verified this ancient wisdom. We are moments! Are there key tips to happiness?According with scientists, our genes and circumstances have a huge impact on our happiness’ variations, whether in our choices or activities. This might lead us to think there is no way for us to change our inherited characteristics, nevertheless we are totally able to change those circumstances in which we find ourselves; we just need to believe that based on the way we approach our lives, we have the power to make any change on how happy we are.

Furthermore, nowadays it is very easy to be bombarded with tons of messages that supposedly give us the real way to find our inner happiness. Advertisers keep on telling us happiness comes from consuming that they sell, the media associates it with wealth, beauty or fame; and politicians claim that the most important accomplishment to achieve is growing the economy. With all those apparent statements of happiness, I wonder if any of these actually bring that lasting happiness to this world which is in really need of it? To get an answer for my question I decided to do some research in ancient yoga, which through its spiritual teachings indicate that a people find real happiness when they let go of seeking material or transient things, and start discovering the lasting joy that is within; and you know what? I have chosen to stick to this. It should be pointed out that, additionally I would like to share some of my favorite keys to a happy sojourn in this world, they might help you figure out if there are tips that truly help us all find our inner happiness.

Care About You

As time goes by, our day to day lives seem to get busier and even more stressful thus, it is easy to forget about putting ourselves first. This is the reason why you should take care of both your body and mind, they are connected and so when you are active you immediately feel happier as well as healthier. Your mood positively changes, and the chances to get depressed decrease in a noticeable way. How to start? Well, you do not need to run marathons in order to be healthy (but if you decide to, I totally encourage you to accept the challenge!), there are many simple ways to accomplish an excellent sense of well- being among them: spending time outdoors, unplugging from technology and turning off the TV once in a while, eating right and sleeping enough, drinking more water or going out for a walk/jogging. They are small but significant steps to your inner happiness, you just need to pay attention which of them gets the best in you and do more of them.

Care About Others

When you do good you feel good, this feeling increases when you care about other people. Helping others not only brings benefits to them, but also for you and your health, you create stronger connections with those people you do thing for which also turns into building a happier society for everyone, this is something our world do need. An excellent way to start making yourself happier through heling others is by doing small acts of kindness every day for instance; offering yourself to help, making someone smile, paying a compliment or any action you consider will contribute to make someone else happier today. Whether you decide to give a call or offer your support to a person you know is struggling with issues, the most important thing is letting them know you care.

Be Aware of The World Around You

You might have noticed or perhaps no but there is more to live yet, and it is right in front of you. It is only a matter of stop for a moment and start noticing it; a key factor you should practice is learning how to be more mindful as well as aware of those wonders every day gives us. The environment, smells and sounds in your walk to work, the way you behave in your relationship. Noticing the world around you is to give yourself a bit of head space to stop, breathe and be in the moment.

Learn, learn, learn

They say knowledge does not occupy any space, so keep learning and be ready to be exposed to new ideas or information that contribute to stay focused, curious and engaged. When you empower yourself with knowledge, then you feel even more confident about achieving any accomplishment and this also turns into a stronger resilience. Learn a new skill and share it with your friends, start practicing a new sport, learn a new word and use it in your everyday life and these actions will make you feel a happier person.

It’s very simple, happiness feels good and you can notice it when you enjoy your health, your relationships, your work and your life as a whole. In order to fully find out your inner happiness you must know that there will be moments when you will feel unhappy; a good way to address them is by accepting them and most importantly, be aware of the fact that they will come and go but you need to know that you will always be more than what you are feeling in an unhappy moment. This will be key to keep a sense of well-being although the circumstances you are facing, strive for practicing this and a long-lasting inner peace as well as appreciation of all of your experiences will be possible.

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