Why overcome personal problems?

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As in any aspect of our lives we are not the same all the time, we are different in different situations, we behave in different ways because life does not always work the same way.

In life we ​​are always going to face situations that are not comfortable for us and that can affect us to such an extent that it can ruin everything else if we do not know how to control our emotions and situations in the face of what will come. It can become a black hole that destroys everything without having something healthy around, without us having anything left because we focus on thinking only one thing.

Obsessions, even in problems, can become someone we do not want and that someone is a person we do not know, who we do not recognize and do not want to confront. Being like this is a disappointment to our work activity, not that it shows our bosses our true face but rather that we can not get around the storm. If so, if we can not be efficient enough with us.

How could we do better with the company?

And it is not at all bad that our boss worries because it is recurrent in companies that their employees are affected by some personal problem that are reflected directly in their attitude, mood or behaviors that affect not only the worker’s own productivity but to all of its environment.

It is evident that it can escape that something happens to us at some moment but the true force of the people does not consist in falling but in knowing to rise. There are many factors that can affect us in life from the economic to the family but there is nothing that can not be overcome.

The most practical way is to understand that we are not the same everywhere, we have to know how to behave in the environment where we are developing, people will say that we are the same person and it is impossible but nobody goes to the beach in formal dress or vice versa.

We have to know how to separate, no one has to pay for our problems, neither at home nor in the office, are different problems no one has to take responsibility more than ourselves and even though we have true friends at work it is not your responsibility to assume your happiness where they have to fulfill another role.

Personal crises can be avoided and for them some suggestions that will help us to attack the problem without affecting others:

Prioritize: sometimes we give importance to things that have no greater value and we put our work above other things like health are more important than anything else, that for example are words of force majeure.

The prudent thing would be to speak clearly with your boss and your colleagues who are aware of the problem, of your real problem, so they will not see that you have a privilege but you understand that it is best to heal so as not to damage the organization. Problems have to stay in their place of origin if it arose at home should not leave the furniture of the room.

• Seek professional help.
• Avoid absenteeism without reason and without permission.
• Comply with schedules.
• Avoid excusing our work faults with personal problems.
• Using work, concentrating on it serves as a way of escape.

With all the crises in the world, being unemployed can turn one problem into two. Our job is our duty and finding a new one with the symptoms of depression can be double uphill.

Concentrating on work can be translated into the rest, respite or escape we need to get out of what is overwhelming and stressful.

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